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Dialogue@ZJU: With ZJU international volunteers for the 19th Asian Games


Editor’s Note: As the 19th Asian Games are in full swing, 2,000 volunteers from Zhejiang University, including 74 international students representing 17 different nations, are dedicated to serving the event. Notably, ZJU's international students also graced the group performance at the Asian Games' opening ceremony. After nearly two months of rehearsal and hard work, almost 40 ZJU’s international students from 10 different countries delivered a mesmerizing performance, adding a touch of brilliance to the Asian Games. In this episode of Dialogue@ZJU, let’s see what ZJU international volunteers have to say about the Asian Games.】


The design of the opening ceremony for the Asian Games is very innovative, with rich cultural scenes like ink painting and traditional Yue opera. The infusion of cutting-edge technology is especially cool, with dazzling light shows, digital characters, naked-eye 3D, and electronic fireworks. The entire opening ceremony was concise and graceful, with every segment seamlessly connected and captivating the attention of everyone in front of the screen, showcasing the beauty of Hangzhou to the world.
I am delighted by the progress of Chinese technology. Hangzhou Asian Games is a grand event in Asia, and I wish it a complete success!


I am honored to participate in the opening ceremony of the Asian Games as a student of Zhejiang University and be a part of the program Asia, A Big Family. On this grand stage, we worked together to promote the diversity of Asian countries. At the same time, we made many new friends and deepened international friendships during this process. Finally, I want to thank the director, teachers, support staff, and all our friends who stood by us. This experience transcends being just a performance; it is a celebration of friendship and cultural exchange that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.


Starting from August, I had the privilege of participating in the opening ceremony of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games. This experience exceeded all my expectations and made me feel deeply connected to Asia.
Although we come from different countries with unique cultures and languages, at that moment, we worked together for a common goal. Every dance move and every smile demonstrated the spirit of Asia. We showed the world the diversity of Asia and voiced our commitment to peace, friendship, and cooperation.
This experience has made me cherish interactions with others even more and filled me with hope and confidence for the future. I firmly believe that with unity, Asia's tomorrow will be even brighter. I hope this deep friendship and spirit of cooperation will continue as a precious treasure in all of our lives.

CHEW ZI HUI, Malaysia

Two months of spending time together created unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Thanks to the Asian Games, we from different countries came together for rehearsals, makeup, styling, dancing, singing, and learning. We gained a deep understanding of each other's cultures, showcasing the Asian as One friendship of mutual inclusiveness, support, and understanding among nations. We evolved from being strangers to becoming the closest of friends.
To ensure full attendance at rehearsals, we balanced our lives, studies, and practice with great effort. Despite facing various challenges, we still delivered our performance at our best, thanks to the dedicated teachers, directors, and the entire support and performance team who silently supported us.
This opening ceremony performance enriched my experience and broadened my horizons. As a participant in the Asian Games opening ceremony, I had the privilege of witnessing this magnificent show, which will be the most cherished memory of my life.  

WU BOHAN, Belgium

I'm volunteering in international liaison, responsible for assisting officials of the Olympic Council of Asia by providing French and English translation and communication services.

Most of our training took place at Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University. Ln addition to comprehensive language and etiquette training, we also went through tests in languages and Asian Games-related knowledge. Although it was busy and sometimes exhausting, I felt so excited. The thought of being able to contribute to such an important international event always inspires me.

In this Asian Games, many great responsibilities in supporting distinguished guests have been entrusted to us students from Zhejiang University. I hope everything goes well, and I believe that we, Zhejiang University students, will stand out. Finally, l wish Hangzhou ever-growing prosperity! Follow us so that you won't miss ZIBS latest news!

Photo: The interviewees, the volunteer team, LIU Cong, ZHU Bei