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MEET Z-CHOLAR: With Prof. ZHAO Junjie, College of Chemical and Biological Engineering


The Meet Z-cholar interview series is launched with the aim of providing insights into the everyday work, career choices, and life goals of scholars at Zhejiang University (ZJU). Through a mix of casual conversation and academic insights, we hope to make scientific research more accessible and inspiring for both the ZJU community and budding researchers around the world.

We begin the series with an episode in which Prof. HUANG Qing, Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the College of Media and International Culture of Zhejiang University, who also serves as the Deputy Director of the Office of Global Engagement, invites Prof. ZHAO Junjie, Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering, for an interview.

Prof. ZHAO Junjie conducts extensive research in the field of thin film materials, with particular emphasis on polymer and hybrid materials, focusing on multiscale structures and nanoscale placement. His pioneering work on vapor phase synthesis and modification of covalent organic networks has not only earned him international recognition and awards, but has already led to the development of new materials with promising applications in various fields, including protective coatings for metal surfaces and carbon neutralization initiatives through CO2 capture.

In this video, Prof. ZHAO talks about his academic career from his bachelor's degree at Zhejiang University to his PhD at North Carolina State University, his subsequent postdoctoral research at MIT and his decision to return back to ZJU.

We hope that you too will be inspired by Prof. ZHAO's experiences and share with us, colleagues at the Office of Global Engagement, the impact that engagement, collaboration and innovation can have in the relentless pursuit of scientific excellence.

Let’s succeed!