Websites in Zhejiang University

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Aeronautics and Astronautics, School of
Agriculture & Biotechnology, College of
Agriculture and Rural Development, Center for
Alumni Association of Graduate School
Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University
Applied Linguistics, Institute of 
Applied Mathematics-A Journal of Chinese Universities
Applied Bioscience, Dept. of 
Animal Sciences, College of
The Academy of Water Science and Environmental Engineering, Zhejiang University
American Literature Studies, Center for


Biosystems Engineering and Food Science, School of 
Biomedical Engineering & Instrument Science, College of
Basic Medical Sciences, Dept. of 
, Institute of


Control Science and Engineering, College of
CAD & CG, State Key Lab of 
Civil Engineering and Architecture, College of
Chemistry, Dept. of 
Climate and Disaster Forecast, Institute of 
Clean Energy Utilization, State Key Laboratory of 
Chemical and Biological Engineering, College of 
Crop Science, Institute of
Computer Science and Technology, College of
Career Development Center
Chu Kochen Honors College
Children's Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine
City College
China Academy of West Region Development
Center Human Resources & Strategic Development
Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Institute of  
Contemporary Chinese Discourse Studies, Center for




Development Liaison Office
Dormitory Administration and Service, Center of
Discourse and Cultural Studies, Institue of 
District and Urban Development, Institute of



Engineering, Faculty of
Economics, College of
Education, College of
Energy Engineering, College of
Electrohydraulic Control, National Engineering Research Center for
English Literature, Institute of 
Environment & Biogeochemistry, Institute of
Electrical Engineering, College of 
Environmental and Resource Sciences, College of
Environmental Science and Technology, Institute of    (Chinese)
EMBA Education Center
Education Foundation, Zhejiang University   (Chinese)


Fluid Power and Transmission, State Key Lab of
Foreign Language Teaching, Institute of 
Fruit Science Institute    (Chinese)
The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical School
French Language & Culture, Institute of







Graduate School
Graduate Association
Global Entrepreneurship Research Center
Geology & Geophysics, Institute of
Geographic  Information Science, Institute of
erman Studies, Institute of



Humanities and Social Sciences of Zhejiang University
Humanities, School of 
Human Resources, Dept. 



Information Technology, Faculty of
Information Science & Electronic Engineering, College of
Institute of Media for Foreign Language Teaching

International Studies, Scool of 
Inorganic Non-metal Materials, Institute of 
Insect sciences, Institute of 
Industrial Design, Dept. of 
International Education
International Relations
International Design Institute of Zhejiang University


Journal of Zhejiang University 
Japanese Language & CultureInstitute of





Linguistics, Institute of
Life Sciences, College of

Language-Behavior Patterns, Center for
Legal Discourse and Translation, Center for


Mechanical Engineering, College of
MPA Education,Center of
Mathematicsal Sciences, School of 
Mathematical Sciences, Center of
Mechanical Design Institute
Materials Science and Engineering, School of 
Materials Physics and Microstructures, Institute of 
Metallic Materials, Institute of 
MedicineSchool of 
ManagementSchool of 
MBA Education Center
ME Education Center
Media and International Culture, School of
Media for Foreign Language Teaching, Zhejiang University
Modernist Studies, Center for


Networking and Information Center
Innovation Management, National Institute for 
National Science Park



Optical Science & Engineering, College of


Post-Doctoral Stations
Polymer Science and Engineering, Dept.of 
Polymer Science, Institute of
Polymer Composites, Institute of 
Pharmaceutical Engineering, Institute of 
Pesticide and Environmental ToxicologyInstitute of 
Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of
Public Administration, School of
Power Machinery and Vehicular EngineeringInstitute for


Qiushi Academy for Advanced Studies, Zhejiang University



Refrigeration and Cryogenics, Institute of 
Russian Language & Culture, Institute of


Social Sciences, Faculty of
Silicon Materials, State Key Lab of 
Software, College of
Song Studies, Center of
Studies of History of Chinese Language, Center for 
Study of Language and Cognition, Center for
Student Association
Science, College of 
Space Information Technique, Institute of 
Semiconductor Materials, Institute of 
Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine
Sir Run Run Shaw HospitalAffiliated with School of Medical, Zhejiang University
Stomatology Hospital,



Thermal Power Engineering, Institute for 
Tea Research Institute



Undergraduate School
VLSI Design
Institute of



Vegetable Science, Institute of


Women's Hospital, School of Medicine






Zhejiang California International NanoSystems Institute
Zhejiang University Innovation Institute, International
Zhejiang University-The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Joint Center
Zhejiang University Urban-Rural Planning & Design Institute