Teaching & Research Resources

Zhejiang University is equipped with advanced facilities of various kinds for teaching and research, including libraries, labs, computer and information centers, analysis and test centers, and modern educational technology centers. There are 7 hospitals with advanced equipment affiliated to the university. Additionaly, the university computer network, and a number of gymnasiums, recreational centers, swimming pools and shuttle buses, provide various kinds of service for students, faculty and staff members.

Networking  & Information Center

Computing Center

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Awards and Fellowships

Affiliated Hospitals

The university has 7 hospitals affiliated to it, including three general hospitals, one gynecology and obstetrics hospital, one pediatric hospital and one stomatology hospital. In additional to providing excellent medical service for people all over Zhejiang Province, the hospitals also serve as teaching and research bases of medical science, conducting edge-cutting research projects such as early diagnosis and immunotherapy of cancer, emergency medicine, neurosurgery and cataract surgery.

The 1st Affiliated Hospital
The 2nd Affiliated Hospital
Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital
Women's Hospital
Children's Hospital
Stomatology Hospital 
Fourth Affiliated Hospital


Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE (A & B)

The Journal of Zhejiang University (Science) is an English publication edited by an international board of distinguished Chinese and foreign scientists and is aimed to present the lasted development and achievements in scientific research in China and overseas to the world's scientific circles, especially to stimulate and promote academic exchange between Chinese scientists and their foreign counterparts.


The university library consists of one main library, which is located at the Yuquan Campus, and four branch libraries which are distributed at various campuses.