Research at Zhejiang University

Cluster research is one of the priorities for the sustainable development of Zhejiang University, which is a strong advocate of interdisciplinary research initiatives that involve faculty and students from many units on campus.

Research Centers & Institutes

Varoius research centers are located in the campus, including national engineering (technology) research centers, national key research centers of humanities and social sciences, 13 ZJU Academy of Independent Studies. In addition, there are 167 research institutions in the various schools of the university.

Research Achievements

Zhejiang University attaches great importance to scientific research. With large number of achievements in both basic and applied research, the university has been making important contributions to the development of China's science and technology. In 2016, the research funds of the university reached over RMB 3,518 Billion yuan in total.

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    Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE (ABC)

    The Journal of Zhejiang University (Science) is an English publication edited by an international board of distinguished Chinese and  foreign scientists. It is aimed to present the lasted development and achievements in scientific research in China and overseas to the world's scientific circles, especially to stimulate and promote academic exchange between Chinese scientists and their foreign counterparts.

Academic annual report (2016)

Academic annual report (2015)

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- Academic annual report  (2013)

- Academic annual report  (2012)

University Science Park

With a total area of 113 hectares, the park serves as a real radiating source and incubating base for the university faculty and students to start high-tech business and industrialize their research achievements. At present, over 100 hi-tech incubating enterprises have set up their branches in the park, and more than 10 agencies have moved into the park to provide enterpreneurs with service and consultation regarding law, finance, investment, patent application and technological transference.

Undergrad, Grad Research Programs (Offices)


With a total space of 86,000 square meters, the university libraries has a collection of more than 6,935,000 volumes. In addition, the library has introduced over 400 electronic databases in all disciplines, including over 1,700,000 e-books, over 79,480 full-text journals in different languages.