Studying at Zhejiang University

As of Dec., 2016, the total number of full time students reached 48,762, including more than 24,133 undergraduates, over 15,092 postgraduate students working for master's degrees and 9,537 Ph.D. candidates. There were also 6,237 foreign students and over 45,606 students taking courses in degree and non-degree programs of adult and distance education.

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Financial Service

Fee, Financial Aid, Fellowships, Scholarships,

Academic Affairs & Course Information

The Academic Affairs, which maintains students' academic records, publishes the Zhejiang University Bulletin course catalog.  The  Academic Affairs also sets the academic calendar, the academic computer system used by students, faculty and advisors.

Living at Zhejiang University

Health Service, housing and dining services, and public safety & transportation

Jobs, Internships & Career

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Work-Study Programs