ZJU and Stanford Hold Joint Symposium on Materials Science

2017-10-27 Global Communications

The 2017 ZJU-Stanford Symposium on Materials Science was held on ZJU’s Yuquan Campus on October 11-12, providing an excellent platform for around 200 faculty members and students to learn and discuss the latest research findings on materials science. A delegation of nine researchers from Stanford University attended the event.

Opening remarks by Paul McIntyre and HAN Gaorong

At the opening ceremony, Prof. Paul McIntyre, chair of materials science and engineering at Stanford (MSE Stanford), and Prof. HAN Gaorong, dean of ZJU’s School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE ZJU), expressed a warm welcome to the attendees. They reviewed the burgeoning interactions between the two sides from 2016 and pointed out that this symposium would be an important step for deepening collaboration and promoting the development of materials science globally.

Presentations by Paul McIntyre, Friedrich Prinz, Shan Xiang Wang

During the plenary session, Stanford professors Paul McIntyre, Friedrich Prinz, and Shan Xiang Wang delivered presentations on “Applications of Atomic Layer Deposition in Solar Fuel Synthesis”, “Low Temperature and High Temperature Fuel Cells”, and “Silicon Valley Innovation and Early Cancer Detection” respectively. The session also touched upon issues such as the funding situation of energy materials and the innovation culture in US and China.

Yi Cui (fourth from left) with young faculty members at ZJU

Stanford professor Yi Cui, a proliferate and highly-cited materials scientist, was invited to introduce his group’s work. He shared rich insights into high energy battery anodes and cathodes, cooling and heating textile for personal thermal management, and nanofiber air filters for efficient PM 2.5 removal and low air resistance.

The plenary session was followed by four separate sessions. Speakers from both universities gave a total of 20 presentations, covering such diverse topics as energy materials, information materials, biomaterials, and materials characterization.

"It is an excellent event! I'm sure it will lead to many future connections among our faculty and students.” said Paul McIntyre in a follow-up email.

Paul McIntyre advising students on study abroad

As China unveils its Double First-Class Plan, MSE ZJU tries to build a great platform for international exchange and collaboration. It signed a MoU with MSE Stanford in June 2017, ushering in a formal partnership involving academic exchanges, student mobility, and joint training, etc. At the end of October, 14 students and faculty members in ZJU MSE will pay a return visit to Stanford.

For more information on the symposium, you may contact MSE staff: Ms. XIANG Tingting (xiangtt@zju.edu.cn), Dr. YAO Xuxia (xuxia_yao@zju.edu.cn).