Another world ranking leap for ZJU


According to the highly-regarded Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Zhejiang University is now rated at 67 in the world, a leap from 101-150 last year – to be China's most improved university. The University has now cemented its position in the top 100 in two major world university rankings. The latest QS ranking has the University at 68 in the world. The string of pleasing re...


ZJU leaders promote strategic cooperation with universities in Germany and Austria


A delegation from ZJU, led by Party Secretary ZOU Xiaodong, visited universities in Germany and Austria to deepen exchanges and promote strategic cooperation on August 6-10. On August 8, the ZJU delegation paid a visit to the University of Munich (LMU).96Normal010 磅02falsefalsefalseEN-USZH-CNX-NONEVice President Prof. Dr. Hans van Ess extended a cordial welcome to the delegation 96Normal010 ...


International students embrace the opportunity of internship at Alibaba


What is it like being an intern at one of the most successful tech companies in China? For Vivian Wong, one of the summer interns at Alibaba, it helps her step out of comfort zone and reinforces her decision to do a PhD after graduation.Departing from Stanford University, Vivian journeyed halfway across the world to Hangzhou for the ZIERIP program, which gave her the opportunity to act as a resear...


ZJU clinical scientists make major breakthroughs in molecular imaging in epilepsy diagnosis and treatment


Epilepsy is a pervasive neurological disease characterized by seizures that do not seem to have an obvious cause. Precision diagnoses play a vital role in making a proper treatment plan and evaluating physical conditions in an effective manner. However, there has long been a deficiency of objective indicators in terms of the diagnosis and treatment of epileptic preschoolers. Recently, ZJU clinical...


Delegation from ZJU’s College of Education visits Higher School of Economics in Russia


Recently a delegation from ZJU’s College of Education paid a visit to Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Russia. The 8-day exchange, which involved 3 faculty members and 22 students from ZJU, focused on the study of modern education through academic lectures.Ms. Anna Garmonova, dean of HES’s Graduate School and Institute of Education (IOE), expressed her warm welcome to ZJU’s delegation on the...


The first week: Hello, Oxford!


On the night of August 1st, after over 14 hours of continuous flight, we arrived in the UK and began our study tour at LMH.About the ProgrammeEach summer and winter, Oxford Study Abroad Programme is held at Lady Margaret Hall (LMH),  University of Oxford. Two courses, Science & Technology Course and Humanities & Social Course, are well organized for students from around the world...


The 11th International Summer Program of Guanghua Law School


The 11th International Summer Program of Guanghua Laws School was held on Zhijiang Campus from July 16 to 20. Both Chinese and international students were involved in this event, who were exposed to law-related practices and unique local culture.In his opening speech on the first day, Prof. ZHAO Jun, vice dean of Guanghua Law School, expressed warm welcome to the participants and wished them ...


A new definition of books


On exhibition is a collection of 20 or so transformable books designed by 53 exchange students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Every book has its own story: a book like a peacock fanning its tail, a book like falling water, a book from an ancient garden, a book with emotions, a book about Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, etc. Patterns in books will vary with tempera...


ZJU scientists reveal new mechanism for MCR-3 colistin resistance


Mobilized resistance to colistin is evolving rapidly and its global dissemination poses a severe hazard to human health and safety. Transferable colistin resistance gene, mcr-3, first identified in Shandong, China, has already been found in several countries in multidrug-resistant human infections. Antimicrobial resistance: global report on surveillance 2014 issued by WHO points out that over...


Renewable energy summer school: a fruitful trip


Conor, one of the nine international students who were admitted into the first ever Renewable Energy Summer School, has enjoyed his time at ZJU working with the researchers here."I came to this program to do research but also to learn a little bit about China. I've really enjoyed that. Different people in my lab are incredibly inclusive and we've done a lot of good research together, ...


Wenqin Chorus wins gold prize in 1st Tokyo International Choir Competition


The 1st Tokyo International Choir Competition was held on July 25-29, 2018. This event is to contribute to culture through the popularization and promotion of choral music. Additionally, it also offers an execellent stage for international exchange through choirs. ZJU’s Wenqin Chorus, as the only participant from the Chinese mainland, competed with 13 world-class choruses from 13 countries a...


ZJU scientists reveal functional organization in soil metagenomes


The research team, led by Prof. XU Jianming with the College of Environmental and Resource Sciences, Zhejiang University, reveals the functional organization in soil metagenomes by generating a genetic correlation network based on genes derived from metagenomes of forest soils. The findings are published in the July 25 issue of the ISME Journal.Microorganisms operate at the heart of biological cha...


The First ZHITU Symposium on Advances in Civil Engineering held at ZJU


The First ZHITU Symposium on Advances in Civil Engineering was held in the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture (CCEA), ZJU on July 12-14.ZHITU stands for the union of five universities, namely, ZJU, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK PolyU), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), the University of Tokyo (UoT) and Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST). Z...


Key player in regulatory mechanism for innate immune response uncovered in ZJU


The research team led by WANG Xiaojian, a professor of immunology in the School of Medicine, worked together with the research team led by SUN Jihong from the Department of Radiology in the Sir Run Shaw Shaw Hospital to discover the function of downregulated NDR1 protein kinase in inhibiting innate immune response by initiating an miR146a-STAT1 feedback loop. The findings are published online...