Embrace the future, Class of 2018!

2018-07-01 Global Communications

On June 30, ZJU Commencement 2018 was held at Zijingang Stadium, Zijingang Campus. The whole university community gathered at this momentous event to celebrate for the Class of 2018.

Attending the commencement were over 6000 domestic and international students, who have worked hard to reach this point. These new graduates have built an impressive “portfolio” for their upcoming career, with strong academic accomplishments and competitiveness on the national and international stage.

The achievements include publications on renowned journals such as Plant Physiology by GE Jun and Organic Letters by ZHANG Ziyin. The championship in RoboCup 2018 and three gold medals from the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva well added a new feather to ZJU’s cap.

At the commencement, President WU Zhaohui delivered a speech entitled “Embrace the New Era Through Unity of Knowledge and Action”, in which he hoped this graduating class will be aspiring explorers for new discovery, enthusiastic innovators for next inventions, and brave trailblazers for unknown frontiers.