ZJU offers a dazzling spectrum of smart classrooms

2018-07-09 Global Communications

A classroom is a learning space, but great changes have been shaping various types of classroom. At Zhejiang University, a dazzling array of novel classrooms is designed to meet diverse needs of students.

Type 1: Augmented Interactive Classroom

Teachers can write something on a board with a capacitance pen directly while delivering lectures. Moreover, what is written can be saved in the real-time database. Students can have free discussions very easily.

Type 2: Long-distance Interactive Classroom

The classroom is equipped with a series of multimedia equipment for automatic recording, live streaming, telecasting and video conferences, thus enabling real-time interaction with other classrooms in a faraway place. Movable desks and chairs can be arranged conveniently in accordance with specific teaching requirements.

Type 3: Discussion Classroom

The classroom is fitted with an ingenious remote controller, through which teachers can operate the electronic device and show PPT slides on an interactive electronic whiteboard, thereby enlivening the atmosphere.

Type 4: Music Classroom

The classroom is featured by elaborate and solid sound-proof walls. When the internal wall is open, sound-absorbing panels help reduce prolongation and make the sound purer and cleaner. This flexible wall design can meet the demands for various acoustic environments.

Type 5: Lecture Hall

The classroom is specially designed for lectures, oral defenses, debates, moot courts and student activities.

Type 6: Video Classroom

The classroom is fitted with a wide range of equipment for audio recording, videotaping, professional lighting, camera dollies and booms.

Type 7: Multi-functional Classroom

The classroom has multiple functions, including long-distance interaction, audio tracking, face recognition, videotaping and a high-definition LCD splicing screen.

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