School of Art and Archaeology inaugurated at ZJU

2019-05-23 Global Communications

On May 20, Zhejiang University established the School of Art and Archaeology. The School is aiming to integrate talent cultivation, scientific research, cultural preservation and social services, and set up a comprehensive ecological system of arts and archaeology.

The School of Art and Archaeology includes the Department of Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museology, the Department of Art History, the Department of Fine Arts, the Department of Design and Art and the Museum of Art and Archaeology.

“During the process of cultural exchanges and fusion globally, top-notch universities play a vital role through education and research. Against this backdrop, Zhejiang University set up the School of Art and Archaeology which will be committed to thematic and theoretical investigations into art and archaeology,” said REN Shaobo, secretary of the CPC Committee of Zhejiang University.

“We aim to become the best school of art and archaeology in China,” said BAI Qianshen, dean of the School and a world-renowned expert on the history of Chinese art. “Through the integration of state-of-art technology, research with great academic and social importance will be output, which will also help to further enhance the visibility and impact of Chinese culture in a global stage.”

The School currently has about 60 full-time faculty members and an enrollment of over 430 students in a number of majors, such as cultural relics and museology, calligraphy, Chinese painting, environmental design, visual communication and design.