3 ZJUers named to 2019 MIT TR35 China

2019-12-16 Global Communications

MIT Technology Review announced its regional list of the top 35 innovators under the age of 35 in China—the TR35 China at EmTech China. 3 ZJUers earned the title of pioneers and inventors.

WU Dan was selected for the MIT TR China as a pioneer for her work in improving the resolution of medical images and the imaging speed. She developed a three-dimensional high-resolution diffusion MRI sequence which achieved an ultra-high resolution (0.1x0.1x0.1 mm) of high-field in vivo brain imaging. This technology broke through the limit of MR spatial resolution and quantitatively characterized the microstructure idiosyncrasy at the cellular level and its changes in the pathological state. It has been applied to human brain tumors and cerebral apoplexy and has been promoted to more than 10 distinguished laboratories around the globe. Meanwhile, Rapid and high-resolution imaging technology has been used to set up a multi-modal brain atlas database for fetuses and infants and study temporal and spatial variations and brain diseases at a young age.

ZHAO Baodan was also selected for the MIT TR China as a pioneer for her work in improving perovskite LED efficiency in an easy and cheap way. As a new semiconductor material, halide perovskite showed great promise in various fields such as photoelectricity, but the “quantum efficiency” in photoelectricity conversion stood in the way of its development. ZHAO made the most of the perovskite-polymer heterostructure to almost completely suppress the non-radiation loss in the material and at the device interface. In this way, nearly 100% of LED internal quantum efficiency was achieved. This technology was convenient and cost-effective.

ZHANG Ting earned the title of the MIT TR China as an inventor. She developed tomographic diffractive microscopy (TDM) which is a label-free, far-field, super-resolution microscope. She also applied the method of solving complex inverse problems to the field of ocean acoustic telemetry, studied the application of opportunistic sound sources from the perspective of the remote sensing system and dedicated herself to observing the marine environment. She also pioneered in proposing a data-based deconvolution method to eliminate channel distortion, providing a novel approach to utilizing timbre technology in the ocean.

Since 1999, the editors of Technology Review have honored the young innovators whose inventions and research are most intriguing and fascinating; today that collection is the TR35, a list of technologists and scientists, all under the age of 35. Their work—spanning medicine, computing, communications, electronics, nanotechnology, and more--is changing our world. There are five categories: inventors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, humanitarians and pioneers.