ZJU alumni in the battle against NCP

2020-02-11 Global Communications


Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), ZJU alumni associations across the United States, say, in Washington, California, Boston, Chicago, Arizona, Indianapolis and Detroit, have embraced the strength of kindness from alumni and other kind-hearted people and donated over 10,000 first-aid medical supplies, including protective coveralls and N95 respirators, to frontline doctors in Zhejiang-based hospitals.

Behind these boxes of supplies are the painstaking efforts of everyone and the keen anticipation of an early victory against NCP.

The UK

The ZJU Alumni Association in the United Kingdom launched a fundraising campaign for the battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic on January 29. With the generous support of alumni and those concerned about the epidemic, several batches of anti-epidemic materials such as medical protective clothing have been sent to Hubei and Zhejiang provinces.

Most of the ZJU alumni in the UK who have made considerable contributions to the fight against the epidemic are postgraduate students in UK universities. While getting down to their academic work, they also need to communicate with people in relevant departments in China regarding their volunteer work in spite of the time difference between China and the UK and give daily updates in the WeChat public account.

We can feel their indomitable courage in combating the epidemic.


Since the Lunar New Year’s Eve, over 100 ZJU alumni in Australia have donated 30,000-plus Australian dollars. So far, several batches of medical supplies have been purchased and sent directly to some Hubei-based hospitals desperately in need. Meanwhile, part of the donation has been transferred to the ZJU Fund for Prevention and Control of Viral Infectious Diseases.


In addition to active participation in the donation campaign for the ZJU Fund for Prevention and Control of Viral Infectious Diseases, the ZJU Alumni Association in Malaysia also helped the Truth Semi Group, an enterprise run by a ZJU alumnus, purchase medical materials locally, which were then donated to Zhejiang University. On the evening of February 9, 790 medical protective suits and 4000 masks were eventually sent to Hangzhou.  


ZJU alumni associations across China are also participating actively in the fight against the epidemic in one way or another. The ZJU Alumni Association in Guangzhou and the ZJU Alumni Association in Shenzhen donated 182727.30 yuan and 50,000 yuan respectively to the ZJU Fund for Prevention and Control of Viral Infectious Diseases. The ZJU Alumni Association in Luoyang donated 200 N95 respirators, 10 boxes of instant noodles and 5 boxes of ham sausages to the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Science and Technology, which is a designated hospital for novel coronavirus patients in Luoyang. Besides donating money and medical supplies, the ZJU Alumni Association in Jiaxing also offered free multi-language translation services obline in the process of purchasing medical materials.

The determined efforts and the whole-hearted support of every ZJUer boost our confidence in defeating the epidemic. ZJUer will never back down in the face of adversity.