RESEARCH@ZJU platform officially launched

2020-03-12 Global Communications

On the morning of March 7, the RESEARCH@ZJU platform—the one-stop online research space of Zhejiang University—was officially put into operation. This platform aims at promoting online collaboration among research teams and creating a shared research community.

“The RESEARCH@ZJU platform will help boost the administrative quality, ease burdens for both faculty and students, build an innovative research organizational pattern and promote disciplinary fusion and resource sharing. It not only caters to the needs of storing an ocean of research data and retrieving future data in an effective way, but it is also essential to the high-caliber development of scientific research and the construction of a well-organized research innovation system,” said WANG Lizhong, vice president of Zhejiang University.  

It is introduced that the RESEARCH@ZJU platform connects the Research Office website, the Research Service website and the University Service website, and includes multiple systems in project application, fund management and personnel management. It stresses the use of big dada and cloud computing in research innovation and promotes the integration of online and offline research. Meanwhile, it aims at achieving online operation and management during the entire process of a project, reducing and lifting restrictions on venues and time for scientific innovative activities, and steering the new normal of online research.

Faculty and students can log onto the RESEARCH@ZJU platform at research.zju.edu.cn and complete a series of activities, including starting a research project, managing team, managing research fund, transferring IP and sharing resources. It will also incorporate other functions, such as syncing to the ZJU Academic Graph, Research Salon and Virtual Simulation.