Excellent works from “Save as”online graduation exhibition (part 1)

2020-06-20 Global Communications

1. Design of Modular Smart Shelving System for Courier Stations

  By YANG Yaoying

The courier stations is facing the development bottleneck of the rapid increase in the number of packages and the decline in user experience. The three major elements in the courier station are human, package, and message. The shelf is the core, but it stays in the initial state.Based on this, this design creates a modular smart shelf suitable for the courier stations—T-Mockage.It can be combined by splicing monomers to adapt to different scenarios. The transparent color material is used to giving a soft feeling.It use intelligent interaction to guide users to pick up efficiently.The two processes of placing packages on the shelves and picking up packages are integrated to create an intelligent shelf system that improves package turnover and optimizes the user experience.

2. Online Specialty Coffee Brand Design- Plouf! Coffee

  By LING Ying

Plouf! Coffee is an emerging coffee brand that explores the possibilities of diversified coffee products with an independent and interesting spirit. The brand also provides online Specialty Coffee services. Whether you are a worker looking forward to coffee break or a pure coffee lover, Plouf! Coffee is looking forward to providing you with a wonderful multi-sensory experience.

3. Coin Collector

  By WANG Zihao

Coin Collector is an immersive gamified marketing experience that draws on the gameplay of synthetic games and lottery games to make consumers more willing to participate in activities and increase consumption enthusiasm. The incentive comes from the browsing time in the store and the browsing time of a single product. The longer the time, the more gold coin fragments, and more brand gold coins are randomly synthesized. It can help brand counters to focus consumers' attention on commodities rather than in marketing activities, which is more conducive to increasing counter sales. For the shopping mall platform, the system can accurately guide the flow to the counter, accurately calculate the effect of the activity, and encourage the counter to participate. And the pure virtual marketing greatly saves time and money costs.

4. Fireflies

  By ZHENG Hanjia

Fireflies is a smart ring for 3D interaction. The ring can detect the movement track of the index finger, and is equipped with a button and an adjustment slider. Most of the three-dimensional interactive tasks can be finished at the fingertip through the finger ring, which can avoid the fatigue and social awkwardness associated with the arm- and body-scale gesture interactions enabled by popular camera-based gesture tracking techniques. The ring can be widely used in daily life in the future, providing an efficient input way for virtual reality interaction.

In addition, the designer also developed a three-dimensional ring interaction game, which enriches the user experience of three-dimensional ring interaction.

5. "Word to Note" Chinese Style Song Creation System Design

  By WUSONG Ruoyao

"Word to Note" is a mobile application that creates and performs Chinese style songs through Chinese characters. By studying the relationship between words and music, a creation method of one-to-one correspondence between words and note is established. It integrates literary and artistic theories such as poetry literature, phonology, music cultural geography, folk music composition, etc. Based on the cross-media interaction between words and music, a new type of music performance form using text as instruments is created to provide the most easily understood music tools for non-professional users.