Excellent works from “Save as”online graduation exhibition (part 2)

2020-06-21 Global Communications

1. Dual-use UV Air Purifier and Sterilizer

  By LI Yanzhang

The widespread need for odor removal and sterilization in the home environment and the new epidemic have also led to an increased focus on home health safety.This graduation design is based on the main function of "odor removal and environmental disinfection" and integrates UV disinfection, negative ions, odor synergistic aroma technology and other methods to innovatively design a UV disinfection lamp with "dual use".  When the user is present, it acts as an air-purifying aromatherapist, using ultraviolet light and negative ion cycles to purify the air and release refreshing aromas with deodorizing power; it can also be used as an ultraviolet lamp with structural changes to disinfect the environment on a timed basis using ultraviolet light with a central wavelength at 254nm.

2. Interactive Installation PANGU based on WebGL and AI

  By CAI Guangxi

PANGU is a new media interactive installation, which uses graphic algorithms to generate poetic digital landscapes through the camera's perception of the environment. PANGU constructs an interactive scene, and the viewer's every move in the space where the installation is located will affect the changes in the generative visual effects. Experimental audio-visual can immerse the audience and make them feel the harmonious beauty coexisting with the machine consciousness.

3. YIN

  By YING Kailin

YIN is a series of product design based on a traditional handicraft which is Luzhou oil paper umbrella. The crossover process features of oil paper umbrella are refined and recombined, the aesthetic feeling of crossover form is preserved, and different crossover materials and skeleton structures are applied. And finally a series of lamps are designed. Yin are made by hand knitting. The suede texture gives people a warm visual feeling. The layered threads interweave the beauty of light, and the charm of traditional handicraft is displayed between the threads.

4. Multi dimension interactive experience design of Museum shop under experience marketing mode

  By ZHOU Zhiyi

The design rethinks the value of Museum stores different from ordinary retail, aiming at improving users' perception of cultural connotation behind cultural and creative products, and proposes a multi-dimensional interactive strategy. By building a composite interactive space and introducing digital interactive equipment, the museum stores will be expanded from shopping place to "humanistic space", so as to truly become the last exhibition hall.

In addition, the designer developed a digital interactive device prototype suitable for the museum store environment. The device can identify the cultural and creative goods placed by users through RFID technology and map the relevant animation visual effects on the goods and desktop through projection.