Congratulations on our ZJU graduates!

2020-07-01 Global Communications

It is graduation time for more than 7000 Zhejiang University students as the 2020 spring semester comes to a close at ZJU 7 campuses. ZJU’s newest graduates have plenty to celebrate. They joined the ranks of ZJU alumni this summer, each one proving that when faced with adversity, ZJUers find a way to make it happen.  

While there may have been some bumps along the road, the Class of 2020 persevered, enduring the new stresses of daily life on their fight to the finish line. As the COVID-19 outbreak is well contained in China, after serious consideration and well preparation, the 2020 Convocation for undergraduates and graduates eventually happen as scheduled on June 29 and 30.  

The graduates in the year of 2020 that will be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic went up on stage, got their diploma, and took photos with university leaders. With that one-minute walk, they reach the pinnacle of their academic studies and are ready to move into the next chapter of their life.  

University President WU Zhaohui sent a congratulatory speech to the graduating class. He called on ZJU graduates to use their knowledge and skills to make a difference and direct the evolution inspired by the challenges.

Prof. XU (left) and Prof. REN (right) on the stage

Professor XU Wenyuan from the College of Electrical Engineering and Professor and Member of CAE REN Qilong from the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering shared their advices with the newly graduates. The keywords in their speech were “Innovation”, “critical thinking” and “contribution”.

Dr. HE (left) and Dr. WANG (right) on the stage

Two representatives of ZJU Alumni, Dr. HE Qiang (vice president of the People’s Hospital of Zhejiang Province) and Dr. WANG Jian (Member of CAE, Chairman of Alibaba Committee of Technology) attended the convocation and offered their congratulations to the University's 2020 graduates.

WU (left) and MA (right) on the stage

WU Zhengbang, BA20 and MA Chao, PhD20 gave this year’s student speeches. Both of them said ZJU students saw the opportunity to lead in the community in the face of these uncertain and difficult times.

All the graduates received a Chinese Seal as the graduation gift from the University.