Large-scale genomic research on rapeseed as one of Best of Molecular Plant 2019

2020-07-02 Global Communications

The research article, titled “Whole-Genome Resequencing of a Worldwide Collection of Rapeseed Accessions Reveals the Genetic Basis of Ecotype Divergence”, was selected as Best of Molecular Plant 2019. In accordance with several factors, including the number of downloads, reviewers’ comments, editors’ choices and publication dates, 12 reviews, research articles and resource articles were picked.

Co-authored by researchers from Prof. JIANG Lixi in Zhejiang University and the National University of Singapore,  this research article reports a global pattern of genetic polymorphisms in rapeseed determined by resequencing a worldwide collection of 991 germplasm accessions. A total of 5.56 and 5.53 million single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) as well as 1.86 and 1.92 million InDels are identified by mapping reads to the reference genomes of “Darmor-bzh” and “Tapidor,” respectively. The map of allelic drift paths that shows splits and mixtures of the main populations is designed, and an asymmetric evolution of the two subgenomes of B. napus is revealed by calculating the genetic diversity and linkage disequilibrium parameters. Selective-sweep analyses indicate genetic changes in genes orthologous to those regulating various aspects of plant development and response to stresses.

This article provides meaningful insights into the genomic footprints of rapeseed evolution and flowering-time divergence among three ecotype groups, and will facilitate screening of molecular markers for accelerating rapeseed breeding.