DMT clinches championship at 2020 iQIYI iCartoonFace Challenge

2020-07-06 Global Communications

Under the umbrella of the College of Control Science and Engineering, a partnership between the the College and Alibaba DAMO Academy, a team of Zhejiang University students participated in and won the championship at the 2020 iQIYI iCartoonFace Challenge, an integral part of IJCAI PRICAI 2020.

The team representing Zhejiang University was comprised of three students: HE Shuting (BA22), ZHANG Miao (BA21), and ZENG Zhaoyang (BA22). They came in first place in the iCartoonFace Recognition Challenge. This year iQIYI iCartoonFace Challenge attracted about 500 teams in China, such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Science and Technology of China, Tencent and Dahua Technology.  

The DMT team is under the guidance of Dr. LUO Hao, Prof. JIANG Wei and Prof. LIU Xinggao, as well as researchers from Alibaba DAMO Academy. It has been actively engaging in several competitions in the field of computer vision and achieved excellent records.  

In the AI City Challenge 2020DMT team innovatively integrated multi-domain learning and identity mining into vehicle city-Scale multi-Camera re-identification questions and was the third-place winner in the leader board of this track.

This January the DMT team also participated in the 1st National Artificial Intelligence Challenge, co-hosted by Shenzhen Municipal Government and Shenzhen Tencent Information Technology Co., Ltd and won the third place in person re-identification track with a handsome sum of prize money (500,000 yuan).