2020 Yongping Teaching Award winners unveiled

2020-09-12 Global Communications

[Editor’s note: Yongping Teaching Award is the highest accolade for teaching at Zhejiang University. It has been conferred annually since its establishment in 2011 by ZJU alumnus Mr. DUAN Yongping (Wireless Electronics Engineering, 82’). In recognition of outstanding dedication and accomplishments in teaching, the Award is composed of three categories: the Distinguished Teaching Award, the Teaching Excellence Award and the Teaching Excellence Nomination Award.]

In September, before the 36th Teachers’ Day, Zhejiang University announced 10 winners of the 2020 Yongping Teaching Award. HU Kexian from the School of Humanities and ZHAO Daomu from the Department of Physics won the 2020 Yongping Distinguished Teaching Award, each receiving 1 million yuan in prize money.

HU Kexian, winner of the 2020 Yongping Distinguished Teaching Award

HU Kexian, Chair of Department of Chinese Language and Literature, has been teaching 7 courses in Chinese classical literature for undergraduate and graduate students with each course rated excellent. His online course Study of Classic Tang Dynasty Poetry has attracted more than 490,000 learners nation-wide, including some college teachers. One of his students described it as “my favorite class where I’ve been struck by both his profound knowledge and fascinating teaching style”. In 2017, this course was recognized by the Ministry of Education as National Excellent Open Online Course. The textbook he authored has also been awarded Zhejiang Provincial Excellent Textbook. “My teaching philosophy is to touch the hearts of my students with my commitment, inspire them with my passion and empower them with my energy,” HU Kexian said. In the eyes of his colleagues, Prof. Hu is a dedicated teacher, an accomplished scholar and a true friend.

ZHAO Daomu, winner of the 2020 Yongping Distinguished Teaching Award

ZHAO Daomu, Associate Chair of Department of Physics, has lectured on many courses such as Optics and Matrix Optics over the past 26 years. He is the author of two textbooks, one of which has been awarded the National First Prize for Excellent Textbook. He has supervised 23 doctoral students, 21 master's students and more than 10 visiting scholars, many of whom have gone on to positions of distinction in universities and industries across China. “In my class, I combine basic theories and scientific frontiers, and adopt the process-oriented assessment of student performance. I also believe the major role of a teacher is to ignite the students’ interest in knowledge and curiosity in research,” ZHAO Daomu said. Amazed at his ability to turn a boring theory class into an interesting hands-on one, his students said, “we enjoy his class which focuses on basic knowledge, connects with real life and guides us into scientific research.”    

In addition to the 2020 Yongping Distinguished Teaching Award, SHI Zhiguo (College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering), CHEN Wenzhi (College of Computer Science and Technology), LIN Xianyong (College of Environmental & Resource Sciences) and WU Yehai (Department of Public Physical & Art Education) received the 2020 Yongping Teaching Excellence Award. Another four faculty members, namely GUO Bin (School of Management), YU Zitao (College of Energy Engineering), PENG Lieping (College of Computer Science and Technology) and OUYANG Hongwei (School of Medicine), were awarded the 2020 Yongping Teaching Excellence Nomination Award.