MySweet Canteen opens in East Teaching Building 2 on Zijingang Campus

2020-09-21 Global Communications

MySweet Canteen, which is located in East Teaching Building 2, makes its dazzling debut with an amazing dining experience focused on community, quality, sustainability and variety to welcome the beginning of the Fall Semester 2020.

Opening this canteen is a great decision made in November 2019 to promote a more wholesome and pleasing dining experience for the Zhejiang University community.

The canteen has seating for 478 people. It is designed with a mixed seating style to accommodate everyone from those who might want to sit in pairs to larger groups.

The canteen offers a wide spectrum of options for lunch and dinner. On the first floor, it serves delicious Chinese food. The buttery on the second floor, which plans to serve western food, light meals, snack food and drinks, will open soon.

Beyond practical reasons, the canteen also helps build a learning and socializing community for students, faculty and staff.

The opening of the MySweet Canteen will create a dining room experience that offers flexibility and convenience in the eastern teaching area. In contrast with “Xuebacan”—packaged meals served for lunch in the corridor of East Teaching Building 2, the canteen provides a far more enjoyable dining experience in terms of environment, service and safety.