The University's academic year is divided into four quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer) each with around nine weeks of instruction. The dates for each academic year are usually confirmed before the summer holiday.

Spring Quarter 2022
February 18 – April 17
February 18Students register
February 21Classes begin
March 21-30Spring graduations (postgraduates)
March 30Graduation Ceremony
April 5Qingming (Tomb-sweeping) Festival

April 16-17

April 23-24

Summer Quarter 2022
April 18 – June 27
April 18Classes begin
May 1International Workers' Day
May 14Sports Meeting
May 21125nd anniversary of ZJU
June 3   Examinations
June 13-26   Duanwu (Dragon-boat) Festival
June 17-26 Summer graduations
June 25-26Graduation Ceremony