Research Administration
The Sci-Tech Academy of Zhejiang University (STAZ)

Oversees research activities and development in five Faculties, namely Science, Engineering, Information, Medicine, as well as Agriculture, Life and Environment Sciences.

Aiming at securing extramural funding, STAZ bridges disciplines, schools, and campuses to advance the competitiveness of ZJU's research by designing and executing strategic, proactive, and catalytic activities with a focus on interdisciplinary programs.

Contact: LU Danyang (


The Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS)

Oversees research activities and development in two Faculties, namely Arts and Humanities, and Social Sciences.

AHSS adheres to developing strategies of “connection between the past and the present, interaction between the East and the West, communication between China and foreign countries, and integration among different disciplines”. AHSS targets interdisciplinary studies, academic innovation, connotative developments and quality improvements.

Contact: SHAO Shuyu (


Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

Oversees university-wide corporate partnerships and technology licensing.

ITRI is responsible for promoting and managing technology transfer activities and business partnerships between the university and industry. Additionally, it also promotes entrepreneurship amongst faculty and students and in the region.

Contact: WU Luxia (