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Global Study Programs
ZJU offers an impressive array of global study programs, including semester exchange, summer schools, internships and cultural immersion abroad. For university-level programs, applications are normally submitted to the Undergraduate School or the Graduate School. Our colleges and departments also develop and manage their own global study programs.
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Student Experiences
Studying abroad can be one of the most impactful experiences of a student’s college career. Every year, thousands of ZJU students engage the world through academic programs, research, contests and so on. Apart from earning credit towards their degrees, studying abroad also helps our students to advance their professional goals and enrich their global perspective.

Visiting Mbekweni, a needy community in Western Cape,

Whenever we have doubts, we are encouraged to ask questions. Language is never a problem. The professors and assistants will try to use simple words and gestures to make sure we are clear about everything.

Winning six PhD offers from U.S. universities

ZJU undergrad WEI Wei ('18 Biomedicine) has received six PhD offers from leading U.S. universities, including Harvard, MIT, Yale, and Stanford. 

These are all full scholarships - behind the achievements are precious links forged continuously while Wei was studying at ZJU. From courses (e.g. "Cell Biology") delivered directly by U.S. academics to research internships abroad, he has benefited tremendously from a variety of international experiences and intercultural encounters.

He eventually chose to go to Stanford, where "the weather feels better".

Amazing Chinese boy chemist

Sir James Fraser Stoddart FRS FRSE FRSC, head of the Stoddart Mechanostereochemistry Group in the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University, tweeted about a visiting student from ZJU.

Hundreds of miles from home

When I first stepped into Waseda University, I did not have much experience outside my own country. I learned a lot going to School of Commence in Waseda University. The exchange experience encouraged me to challenge myself and set some goals to my study in Waseda University. Through all the diverse activities, my time at school, with my new friends, I have seen different faces of Japan. 

From people who tend to save their money and are more likely to be the lender to old people in nursing homes who want nothing but a little bit of attention and care, I was lucky enough to see the true diversity of a totally different world. Besides, I also learned how to cook, so I am really proud of myself.

Being hundreds of miles from home was not always easy. Like everything in life, my experience had its ups but also its downs. The hard times helped me grow up and move away from my comfort zone to gain maturity and independence.

-- ZHANG Lei

Meet my favorite seagrass

As shown in the photo, the seagrass in Bali island is healthy and well developed. The species is called Halophila ovalis, which is very hard to find in China now. Seagrass can only survive in a clean water, which provides better light for photosynthesis, and in a non-eutrophication environment. Besides, low energy environment means lower physical destroy. 

In the photo we can find that the water is very clean and without any sign of eutrophication, and the position is on the back-reefs that is low energy environment. The seagrass is protected by the reef.

Seagrass bed is a very important eco-system, just like mangrove eco-system. It is a crucial carbon sink in the world. However, the seagrass bed is decreasing with a very fast speed, especially in China. The situation is getting serious.

-- HUANG Yuzhou from the Ocean College shares his discovery in a geological excursion abroad (summer 2017)