Academic Forums
#Share and Shape# Every year, ZJU (jointly) hosts a series of high-level international conferences, forums, seminars, and workshops encompassing diverse subjects. Participants experience rich and lively cultures in both the University and the city.

Forums and seminars planned for 2018

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January 25-27

International Workshop on Blue Carbon

March 17

Forum on the Development of World-Class Discipline in Education

March 22-23

International Symposium of Trans-Lingual and Trans-Culture Communication Study

March 26-28

Hangzhou International Stellarator Workshop

March 26-28

Collecting and Cultivating: An International Forum for the Concept and Practice of the Teaching Museum

April 8-9

NTS-Asia Consortium

April 8-12

The 3rd Sino-Portugal Advanced Materials Innovation Forum

April 14-16

Symposium on Frontiers of Epigenetics Research

April 20-21

The Qianjiang International Conference of Adolescent Medicine

April 20-22

The International Seminar on “Big Data + Law”

April 20-22

International Symposium on Ligaments & Tendons-XVII and Musculoskeletal Regeneration Research Network Symposium

April 20-23

Qianjiang International Forum of Pediatric Rheumatology and Immunology

April 21-22

West Lake Strategic Conversations: Retrospecting 40 — Year Reform and Opening Up: China’s Experiences, Lessons and Challenges in International Relations

April 22-24

The 9th International Conference on the New Haven School

May 3-5

International West Lake Symposium on Plasma Simulation

May 4-7

Inter-University Symposium on Asian Megacities

May 11-13

Zhejiang-South Korea Friendly Exchange International Academic Conference

May 11-13

The 2nd International Symposium on Pediatric Gastrointestinal and Nutrition

May 11-14

Paper Development Workshop of OMT Division of the Academy of Management

May 11-14

Asia Pacific Regional ISSX Meeting

May 15-30

The Coupling of Art and Science: China Ceramic Artists Invitational Exhibition

May 17-20

The 2nd International Symposium on Pediatric Lymphohistiocytic Diseases

May 19-21

Hangzhou International Conference on Frontiers of Data Science

May 23-25

International Symposium on Quantum Computing and Quantum Optics

May 24-25

International Symposium of Supramolecular Chemistry and Material Sciences

May 25-27

The 3rd International Workshop on Human Brain Banking in China

May 25-27

International Conference of Neurocognition and Psychotherapy

May 27-30

The 3rd International Conference on Microstructure and Properties of Materials

May 28-31

China and International Law

May 30-June 1

Data Driven Management Science International Conference

June 1-3

Symposium of English Writing Center in Chinese Universities

June 4-8

Automorphic Forms, Geometry and Representation Theory

June 8-10

2018 Financial Econometrics and New Finance Conference at Zhejiang University

June  8-10

The 5th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Applied and Computational Mathematics

June 8-11

Fahuajing and the Relationship of Buddhist Art Among Chinese Multi-Ethnic Groups

June 10-13

The 8th International Conference on Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (ICEEG 2018)

June 14-16

The 5th International Symposium on Flame-Retardant Materials and Technologies (ISFRMT 2018)

June 15-16

2018 Asia-Pacific Law Deans Forum

June 15-17

2018 AFR Summer Institute of Economics and Finance

June 15-18

The 6th International Conference on CO2 Emission Control and Utilization

June 16-17

The First Hangzhou Workshop in China Urban Management

June 16-17

2018 International Conference on Industrial Economics

June 16-17

The 2nd Chinese Conference on Logic and Argumentation

June 20-24

International Workshop of Management Science on Big Data

June 21

Symposium of Credit Monitoring and Social Credit System Building Under Big Data Context

June 21-24

Hangzhou Seminars on Probability and Statistics with Applications

June 22-23

The 7th ZJU Annual Ocean Law and Governance International Symposium

June 22-26

The 11th China-Japan Symposium on Molecular Drug Design and Development

June 23-24

Sino-U.S. Comparative Criminal Justice and Empirical Study Forum

June 25-27

The 3rd International Symposium on Evidence Science in China and Switzerland

July 13-16

The 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision

July 20-22

The 15th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM18)

July 23-25

The 5th Geochina International Conference

July 28-August 4

The 8th Convention of International Association for Ethical Literary Criticism

August 5-8

The 7th International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics (Agro-Geoinformatics 2018)

August 13-17

The 8th International Conference on Manipulation, Manufacturing and Measurement on the Nanoscale

August 17-19

The 5th International Conference on Information, Cybernetics, and Computational Social Systems

August 24-29

The 11th K.H.Kuo Summer School of Electron Microscopy & Crystallgraphy and 2018 Kuo Symposium on 3D Cryo-EM Molecular Imaging

August 25-26

Asialics and Cicalics Conference 2018

August 25-29

2018 KUO K.H. Symposium on 3DEM of Cells and Molecules

September 1-6

The 4th World Congress of Cultural Heritage

September 3-8

The 5th Chinese-French Cultural and Historical Exchange Seminar

September 10-13

Workshop on Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Recalls

September 15-17

Conference on Dunhuang Manuscripts Between China and Japan

September 19-20

Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience and Technology 2018 (FINT2018)

September 20-21

2018 Asian Symposium on Quality Function Development and Innovation

September 26-29

Islands Landscaping and Urbanization Under Sustainable Development: Resources, Society and Tourism in Islands

October 7-11

2018 Hangzhou Workshop on Quantum Matter

October 12-14

The 2nd Workshop on Graduate Education in Building World-Class Universities

October 13-14

The 3rd World Chinese Literature

October 13-14

The 3rd International Symposium on Public Services

October 15-18

IDICS2018 On Digital Image Correlation and SEM on Non-Contacting Experimental Methods in CE

October 18-20

2018 International Conference on Wireless Communications and Signal Processing (WCSP 2018)

October 19-21

Multilateral Public Governance of Population Safety on the Belt and Road Initiative

October 20-21

International Conference on Taoism and Folk Belief

October 22

Hidden Champion in the Connected World

October 24-26

International Symposium in Memory of the Centenary of Simmel's Death

October 25-27

The 15th International Symposium on Structural Engineering (ISSE-15)

October 26-29

Asia Communications and Photonics Conference 2018

October 26-29

One Belt and One Road with Chinese Stories” International Symposium

October 28-31

The 18th Biennial IEEE Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation

October 28-November 1

The 8th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics

November 1-3

The 23rd International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels

November 1-3

The 9th International Conference on Innovation and Knowledge Management in Asia Pacific (IKMAP 2018)

November 2-3

The 4th China Workshop in Institutional Analysis of Social-Ecological Systems

November 2-4

International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies of Contemporary Russian Literature

November 2-4

The 6th International Conference on Neuroeconomics and Neuromanagement

November 10-11

2018 International Prominent Forum on Rule of Law and Reform

November 12-15

Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Technology Workshop

November 12-16

The 11th International Conference on Computational Physics (ICCP11)

November 16-19

The 13rd Annual Meeting of Chinese Society for Tang Studies and International Conference on the Relationship Between China and the World

November 17-18

Internet Law Conference

December 7-8

2018 International Symposium on Entrepreneurship and Family Business

December 8-12

2018 China-South Korea-Japan International Seminar on Regional Economics