Current Openings
For application please provide a detailed resume, certificates of academic degrees, innovative research achievements and samples of major publications. These documents may be sent by email to the contact person of corresponding colleges (departments) listed below.
ZJU invites applications for postdoctoral research fellows.
  • School of Humanities

    Contact: Mr. Xia (Tel: +86-571-88273092; E-mail:

    Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Pre-Qin-Han-Wei-Jin-6-Dynasties Chinese Literature, Tang and Song Dynasties Chinese Literature, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese Language, Modern Chinese Language, World History (Ancient Medieval History, Modern History), Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, History of Song Dynasty, Classical Philosophy, German and France Phenomenology, Modern Western Political Philosophy, Western Religious Study, Philosophy of Science, Analytic Philosophy, Song and Ming Dynasties Chinese Philosophy, Painting Study, Design Study, Archeology and Ancient Anthropology, Museology and Image Processing, Art History and Art Archeology, History of Cultural Heritage and Material Civilization, Korean Studies, Pre-Qin Documents, Mid-Ancient Language Documents, Dunhuang Studies, Nippon Culture Studies.

  • School of International Studies

    Contact: Ms. Zhang (Tel: +86-571-88206176; E-mail:

    Second Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Language Testing, Studies of Chinese as a Second Language, British & American Literature, Medieval English, Renaissance Literature

    Theoretical Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, French Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature.

  • College of Media and International Culture

    Contact: Ms. Bao (Tel: +86-571-88273485; E-mail:

    Communication, Journalism & Communication, Film Studies, Aesthetics, Cultural critique, Linguistics, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

  • School of Economics

    Contact: Mr. Huang (Tel: +86-571-87951610; E-mail:

    Finance, New Institutional Economics, Industrial Economics, International Economics (International Trade or International Investment), Public Finance, Public Economics.

  • Guanghua Law School

    Contact: Ms. Feng (Tel: +86-571-86592725; E-mail:

    Civil & Commercial law, Constitutional& Administrative law, Legal Theory, Criminal Law, Economic Law, Procedural Law, International Law, Legal History, Intellectual Property Law (including Intellectual Property Management), Environmental& Resources law, Science & Technology Law.

  • College of Education

    Contact: Ms. Zhou (Tel: +86-571-88273140; E-mail:

    Education Management, History of Education (History of Ancient Education, History of Foreign Education), Educational Technology, Educational Psychology, Education Policy, Comparative Education, Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training, Athletic Training, Traditional and Ethnic Sport, Human Kinesiology, Tennis, Wushu, Basketball, Higher Education, Educational Technology Research & Development (ETR&D), Military Theory.

  • School of Marxism

    Contact: Ms. Chen (Tel: +86-571-88273325; E-mail:

    The Fundamental Principles of Marxism, Thinking and Moral Edification and Basics of Law, The Outline of Modern and Contemporary History of China, The Socialist Theory with Chinese Characteristics, International Politics.

  • School of Management

    Contact: Ms. Li (Tel: +86-571-88206858; E-mail:

    Tourism Management, Tourism Planning, Hospitality Management, Leisure Management, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship, Organization and Strategy, Marketing, Decision-making Analysis and Operation Management, Corporate Finance and Capital Market, Accounting, Financing, Auditing, Information Management and Electronic Commerce, High-tech Entrepreneurship and Behavioral Decision, Technological Innovation Management, Operation Management.

  • School of Public Affairs

    Contact: Ms. Xu (Tel: +86-571-56662071; E-mail:

    International Politics, International Relation Theory, History of Chinese Politic Thinking, Political Theory, Local Politics and Governance, Information Resource Management, Land Use and Environment Policy, Real Estate Management, Irrigation and Water Conservancy, Measurement, Urban Housing Policy, Urban Community Management , Local Governance and Innovation, Social Policy, Social Security, Labor Economics, Sociology, Urban Sociology, Anthropology/Folklore.