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New students convocation ceremony 2018


On the evening of August 24, more than 6,000 freshmen stepped foot on Zijingang campus with pride and aspiration for a new journey. In the Stadium, they were welcomed by university leaders and representatives from ZJU faculty, parents and alumni at the 2018 Convocation ceremony.

President WU Zhaohui filled the students' eager ears with empowering words and told the freshman it was important to start on the right foot in college and develop skills to be responsible and autonomous learners. He ended the speech by encouraging the freshmen to get involved and stay involved.

His speech was followed by a short one from Professor HU Hailan. She encouraged the incoming class of 2022 to stay curious and thrive from pressure and barriers.

Mr. WANG Bingyi, father of WANG Haiwei who is a new student in Chu Kochen Honors College, hoped all new students can “take flight” into the greatest years of their live and surpass themselves.

The freshmen also listened to the keynote speaker Major General SHEN Zhikang, a former ZJU student and now chief engineer of the Malan base in Xinjiang Province. SHEN shared his valuable experience at ZJU and great spiritual growth inspired by the University motto - seeking truth and pursuing innovation.

As an important convocation experience, the freshmen were excited to wear the University pin during the ceremony.

Hello, all new ZJUers!