The future of continuous inorganic materials


When a cup of dense saltwater is continuously heated, there will appear small crystalized particles. The research team led by Prof. TANG Ruikang of the Zhejiang University Department of Chemistry “intercepted” a special precursor—ionic oligomers in their endeavor to “suspend” this crystallization process. Amazingly, oligomers can be cross-linked like polymer materials, thereby formin...


International team unravels the mystery of strength and ductility in high-entropy alloys


Researchers from Zhejiang University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of California, Berkeley, engage in collaborative research to find out the truth about high-entropy alloys (HEAs). Their findings on outstanding toughness and plasticity of HEAs are published in the October 10 issue of the journal of Nature. HEAs, a class of materials that contain five or more element...


ZJU scientists obtain free USArray data by seismic imaging


The research team led by CHEN Yangkang of the Zhejiang University School of Earth Sciences conducted research based on USArray data and put forward a novel approach to reconstructing missing traces and suppressing noise simultaneously. Relevant findings are published online in the Sept. 30 issue of the journal of Nature Communications.USAarray, a key seismology component of the national ...


Happy National Day


Today is the day of celebrations. Today is the day to enjoy the parade.Hi ZJUers across the globe,Let us celebrate the 70th anniversary of founding of China and take pride in our prospering motherland.And best wishes on the National Day!


Sino-Norwegian Center for the Study of Society and Environment set up at ZJU


On September 17, the Sino-Norwegian Center for the Study of Society and Environment (SINORSE) was announced to be officially established by Zhejiang University and the University of Oslo (UiO). Meanwhile, the 2019 Sino-Norwegian Workshop on Social and Environmental Research was also hosted.ZJU Vice President HE Lianzhen delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. “ZJU and UiO have lo...


ZJU launches joint programs in math with top French institutions


Zhejiang University today announced the creation of three new Double Degree Programs in Math, in collaboration with École Polytechnique, Mines ParisTech, and Université Paris-Saclay respectively.Starting in fall 2020, these programs will allow top-notch students to earn both French and Chinese degrees in five to six years’ time. Students will learn to analyze complex problems in mathematical sci...


Review article on Epilepsy Research published in Pharmacology & Therapeutics


Dr. CHEN Zhong, a professor from the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Zhejiang University, publishes a review article entitled “An Update for Epilepsy Research and Antiepileptic Drug Development: Toward Precise Circuit Therapy” in the journal of Pharmacology &Therapeutics.   Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder marked by repeated, spontaneous epileptic seizures...


ZJU students win Public Inspiration Award at SenseUs 2019


The TruSense team, comprised of 11 students from different colleges at Zhejiang University, including the College of Life Sciences, the CKC Honors College, the Department of Chemistry, the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, the School of Medicine and the School of Economics, won the Public Inspiration Award at SenseUs 2019 held from August 26 to September 4 in the Netherlands.Sens...


Genomic sequencing on hardy weeds provides evidence on crop mimicry


Echinochloa crus-galli (E. crus-galli) is the most hazardous weed which mankind has made every endeavor to decimate over several millennia. Researchers at ZJU’s College of Agriculture and Biotechnology and China National Rice Research Institute discover that in order to evade“eradication”, it has picked up the skill of“camouflaging” itself by bearing closer resemblances to rice.“Hu...


The history of living fossil revealed by large-scale sequencing study


As Charles Darwin put it, living fossils are an exceptional group for examining evolution issues such as extinction, competition, and adaptation. The ginkgo tree is an enigmatic living fossil, characterized by morphological stasis with almost no morphological change for at least 245 million years. A once-diverse and widespread group of gymnosperms, the ginkgo lineage has survived glaciations as a ...


ZJU receives MoE National Teaching Achievement Award


Professor YAN Jianhua and Professor LU Guodong have won the first prizes in the 2018 National Teaching Achievement Award(higher education). This quadrennial Award is the highest national award in teaching and education granted by the Ministry of Education (MoE) in recognition of excellence in higher education teaching.Professor YAN is Professor in the College of Energy Engineering ...


Global experiences in the summer


How did you spend your summer vacation? Did you plant mangroves in Thailand? Or maybe you worked in the world renown labs of ULCA? Regardless of how your holidays went, planting mangroves and lab work in UCLA were some of the activities students of Zhejiang University carried out during the 2019 summer vacation.Having been awarded the International Strategy of the Year by Times Higher Educati...


Chiral geometry regulates stem cell fate, research shows


On August 26, the research team led by Prof. WANG Huiming in the Stomatology Hospital affiliated to the Zhejiang University School of Medicine published an article entitled “Chiral Geometry Regulates Stem Cell Fate and Activity” in the journal of Biomaterials. This work offers a pioneering research into the role of chiral geometry in regulating stem cell fate and activity.Chirality is a fun...


ZJU President leads delegation to Europe


Prof. WU Zhaohui, president of Zhejiang University, led a delegation to Europe this week as part of the university’s efforts to strengthen its connections in the region.The university has strong ties with international organizations and further extension on cooperation is one of the important actions of its global strategy – GLOBAL ZJU: CREATE to impact. During this trip,ZJU delegation visited th...