Large losses of ammonium-nitrogen from a rice ecosystem under elevated CO2


Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the global climate has undergone dramatic changes as human activities have continued to stimulate the consumption of fossil fuels, accelerate the pace of deforestation and boost the demand for synthetic ammonia, thereby contributing to the constant increase in greenhouse gas emissions and changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere. On the o...


ZJU scientists identify sDscams as a candidate to mediate cell recognition in Chelicerata


The research team headed by Prof. JIN Yongfeng from the Zhejiang University College of Life Sciences published an article entitled “Chelicerata sDscam isoforms combine homophilic specificities to define unique cell recognition” in the September 22 issue of PNAS.Neuronal self-avoidance, as a fundamental feature in vertebrates and invertebrates, plays a crucial role in neural circuit assembly...


ZJU postgraduate students clinch 3 prizes in the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020


The winners of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 were announced recently. Three works designed by postgraduate students from the Zhejiang University School of Software Technology clinched the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD: “Anchor Helen”, “Sweet Breath” and “Alcohol Less”.“Anchor Helen” is a device designed for blind voice anchors, including two modules: a Braille teleprompter and a recording microphone. ...


ZJU partners with top French grande école to train math talent


On October 21, a virtual signing ceremony was held between Zhejiang University and MINES ParisTech, a top French grande école founded in 1783 and now part of Université PSL.Dr. REN Shaobo, Chairman of Zhejiang University Council, and Mr. Vincent Laflèche, Directeur Général of MINES ParisTech, signed the agreement for cooperation in mathematics, marking a new chapter in the partnership. Under ...


ZJU launches BnaSNPDP: an interactive web portal to empower rapeseed breeding


Recently, the Zhejiang University Provincial Key Laboratory of Crop Gene Resource launched BnaSNPDP, an interactive web portal with a user-friendly interface that provides multiple analysis modules for retrieving, analyzing, and visualizing single nucleotide polymorphisms among 1,007 accessions of worldwide rapeseed germplasm. Its detailed information was published online in Computational and Stru...


ZJUers contribute to poverty relief in Yunnan


October 17 marks China's National Poverty Relief Day, also the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. This year is special, as China aims to realize the poverty eradication goal of the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the end of 2020, ten years ahead of schedule.With the commitment to social service, ZJU faculty and students have been dedicating their work to alle...


Prof. LIU Bin joins Zhejiang University


In September 2020, Prof. LIU Bin, former director of the Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, joined the Zhejiang University School of Art and Archaeology as an eminent expert in liberal arts.Prof. LIU Bin is currently an executive board member of the Archaeological Society of China and director of the Archaeological Society of Zhejiang Province. His major interest of ...


GU Zhen appointed as Chair Professor and Dean of the Zhejiang University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences


On September 24, Zhejiang University held a special ceremony to welcome Prof. GU Zhen to join the ZJU community as Dean of the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.“As an internationally-renowned scholar in the field of drug delivery and biomaterials, Prof. GU Zhen has made outstanding achievements.” said ZJU Vice President ZHANG Hongjian in the welcome ceremony. “His full-time appointment as Cha...


Happy National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival


Happy National Day Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival from Zhejiang University! On this special day when National Day Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival meet,We wish you and your families great happiness.To all the ZJUers around the globe,May the brightness of moon fill your life with positivity and prosperity,And let us all together celebrate the 71st birthday of China!(Image credit: Zhejiang Univ...


Dialogue@ZJU: With Dr. XIAO Meng, a particle physicist


[Message from the Editor: Recently we interviewed Dr. XIAO Meng from Department of Physics about her work on “God Particle” , LHC in Europe and international collaborations.]Q1: This recent work helped to further develop our understanding of the Higgs boson’s properties. Why is it so important for elementary particle physics?XIAO: To describe the elementary particles an...


15th China Information Accessibility Forum held at Zhejiang University


On September 22, the 15th China Information Accessibility Forum and the National Accessible Environment Exhibition were held on Zijingang Campus at Zhejiang University. Participants held discussions on the theme of “Information Accessibility for Public Services” for the interests of people with disabilities. At the opening ceremony, ZHANG Haidi, Chairperson of China Disabled Persons’ Feder...


Competition Highlight: Visually-guided Gluing Chaser in “Siemens Cup”


“Siemens Cup” China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge is one of the important competitions that Zhejiang University Smart Factory Innovation Association participates in every year. In the 2020 “Siemens Cup” China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge, the Visually-guided Gluing Chaser, designed by three members from the association—REN Yixin, HU Jiayi and CHEN Lu—clinched first prize thanks to...


MySweet Canteen opens in East Teaching Building 2 on Zijingang Campus


MySweet Canteen, which is located in East Teaching Building 2, makes its dazzling debut with an amazing dining experience focused on community, quality, sustainability and variety to welcome the beginning of the Fall Semester 2020.Opening this canteen is a great decision made in November 2019 to promote a more wholesome and pleasing dining experience for the Zhejiang University community.The ...


At ZJU: Studying away from the U.S. for Chinese students


[Editor’s note: In response to the pandemic challenge, Zhejiang University has collaborated with its partner universities to develop innovative models and reinvent the international exchange programs. As of September 10, the Zhejiang University International Campus in Haining had accepted 300-plus Chinese students from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and Cornell University. ...