Scientists discover new transmission mechanism of exosome-mediated sorafenib-resistant hepatocellular carcinoma cells


Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the most common primary liver tumor with an increasing global incidence. In 2018, HCC was the sixth most frequently diagnosed cancer and the fourth leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide. Sorafenib is the first FDA-approved targeted therapy for advanced HCC. A previous study showed that sorafenib prolonged the median overall survival (OS) by 2.3−3 months ...


How can a novice teacher make her class engaging?


While in class, her pace is agile and brisk, her eyes are glittering and lively, and her teaching is remarkably logical and meticulous with a string of typical cases. WANG Jiewei, a faculty member at the School of Medicine and a doctor at the First Affiliated Hospital of the Zhejiang University School of Medicine, clinched the grand prize in the finale of Zhejiang University Young Teache...


Scientists discover molecular mechanism for deafness induced by defects in modifications of mitochondrial tRNAs


Hearing impairment may result from a multitude of factors, including heredity, environment and their interactions. Mitochondria are the hub of energy metabolism in eukaryotic cells and the control center of cellular signaling. tRNA plays a crucial role as a carrier of amino acid transport during protein synthesis. A lot of posttranscriptional modifications exist in mitochondrial tRNAs (8.7%). In h...


Laba congee sweetens a winter’s day


The eighth day of the last lunar month marks the Laba Festival (Chinese: 腊八节). Laba festival is regarded as the prelude to the Chinese Spring Festival. A catchy nursery rhyme about the festival goes like this: “Kids, kids, don't be greedy. When Laba is here, the Spring Festival isn't far away.” After Laba, families will start their preparation for the Spr...


ZHOU Qi’s research team publishes 3 papers regarding diversity of animal chromosomes


Sex chromosomes genetically determine the remarkable differences between sexes from reproductive organs to the appearances and behaviors of adult individuals, and exhibit many genomic features and evolutionary patterns that are distinct from autosomes. They have long been the central subject of research for biologists.Classical theories of sex chromosome evolution suggest that sex chromosomes ofte...


ZJU professors named ACM Fellows


On January 13th, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) announced its 2020 Fellows, which include two professors from the Zhejiang University College of Computer Science and Technology (CCST): Prof. REN Kui and Prof. ZHOU Kun."We're delighted that the ACM has recognized our two outstanding scholars," said Prof. CHEN Gang, Dean of CCST. "Both of them exemplify creativ...


Dialogue@ZJU: With the “Smart Rice-fish Culture” team


[Message from the Editor: The “Smart Rice-fish Culture” team from the Zhejiang University College of Life Sciences clinched two gold medals in the 6th China College Students' Internet Plus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and in the 12th “Challenge Cup” National College Student Business Plan Competition. We’re glad to invite team advisor TANG Jianjun, team l...


From IoT to cloud computing: Dunhuang murals can “live” for another millennium


The Mogao Grottoes, which boast a brilliant history of several millennia, are located in Dunhuang, at the western end of the Hexi Corridor.In this treasure trove of civilization, architecture, painted sculptures and paintings are integrated in an exquisite and splendid manner. However, unlike museum collections, which are meticulously tended in a constant environment, murals in these caves have be...


Zhejiang University sets up Institute of Asian Civilizations


On January 9, Forum for Asian Civilizations and the inauguration ceremony for Zhejiang University Institute of Asian Civilizations were held on Zijingang Campus. Scholars both at home and abroad attended the forum online and offline, sharing their insights on the construction of key theories and the tackling of pressing challenges concerning Asian civilizations. With the goal of building “a new o...


Scientists “bake” a robot in the oven


You may have seen the dough “puff up” in the oven, or the flat circuit board in an electronic device, but have you ever seen self-morphing 3D circuits in the oven? The research team led by Dr. WANG Guanyun from Zhejiang University College of Computer Science and Technology and Dr. YAO Lining from Carnegie Mellon University co-developed MorphingCircuit—an integrated design, simulat...


TIAN Mei elected President of World Molecular Imaging Society


World Molecular Imaging Society(WMIS)has elected Prof. TIAN Mei, MD., PhD., FWMIS, to serve as its President for the term beginning in the autumn of 2021. She has taken office as President-elect since this month. This is the first time that a Chinese expert has been named as the WMIS president. TIAN Mei focuses her current research on molecular imaging of central nerve system (CNS) diseases...


Scientists discover a natural liver-accumulating drug delivery vehicle


Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are superb potential vectors for the delivery of therapeutic drugs with their low immunogenicity and cytotoxicity. However, issues with biological safety and disease targeting substantially limit their clinical application. EVs from red blood cells (RBC-EVs) are a potential drug delivery vehicle, given their high production and beneficial characteristics in biosafety. ...


Happy New Year 2021, ZJUers!


ZJU students share their New Year's resolutions for 2021!


2020: the year in review


2020 is undoubtedly a difficult year for most of us. The ZJU community, however, was quick to respond to the challenges and uncertainties posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this year, more than 500 ZJU medics joined the battle in Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak first emerged. With the front-line experiences, a handbook on the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 was later compiled an...