New version of “Jueying” robot dog released

2018-12-19 Global Communications

A new version of the four-legged “Jueying” robot was released on Dec. 4. The new “Jueying” robot, a small-sized quadruped robot that can handle 20 kg objects, is capable of running and climbing stairs.

The new “Jueying” robot is marked by a better ability to strike a balance while running and a greater capability of adapting to more complicated terrains, said one of the developers.

“Jueying” can issue an order every 0.5 millisecond, adapt quickly to the environment, give an order while it is on the verge of losing its balance and make adjustments with a series of fast-paced mobility.

At present, it has grasped a myriad of skills. It can run, jump, climb stairs, walk on gravel paths, and squat and stand up. Even supposing it falls down, it can automatically adjust its body position and rise to its feet again. It can fulfill multiple tasks and is thereby expected to be a powerful assistant in daily life. It can be used for security check and logistics. It can also replace human labor in various capricious environments. For instance, it can be used to detect life signals in earthquake-hit areas. In the exploration of space, barriers may well get in the way of a wheeled robot, but a quadruped robot can climb over it with great ease.