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From Zhejiang to Italy, 7 ZJU medical experts joined the supporting team


Recently, COVID-19 has spread quickly all over the globe with the number of confirmed cases soaring in Italy. According to the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province, a special specialist team has been organized to support Italy in response to the epidemic.

The team is comprised of 12 experts, including 7 from the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University. They will set off for Milan, Italy from Shanghai Pudong International Airport on March 18. They will bring them with 30 ICU facilities, 2 portable color Doppler ultrasound systems, 60,000 test kits, and 9 tons of medical supplies and drugs.

It is among the first batch of specialist teams sent by the Chinese government to fight against COVID-19 in Italy. They will bring with them their first-hand experience in dealing with the novel coronavirus and offer medical help to those Chinese people who work, study and live in Italy.