Dialogue@ZJU: With Dr. Imran Haider Shamsi

2020-07-26 Global Communications

[Message from the Editor: Recently Dr. Imran Haider Shamsi won the title "My Favorite Foreign Teacher" in 2019. Here he shared some thoughts with Global Communications.]

Of course the moments of joy and happiness, I am very much grateful to the service department of foreign experts of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing, People's Republic of China, for conducting such an amazing competition throughout China. No doubt it's an opportunity for all the foreign experts and teachers working in China to prove their abilities and talent and at the same time an encouragement to keep working hard and keep contributing their positive roles in the development of the country and betterment of the society. I can't find the words of thanks and expressing my deepest respect to my worthy teacher Prof. ZHANG Guoping who played a very positive role in teaching and guiding me so far and helping me in realizing my qualities and abilities in academics specially in teaching and research. It's great feel to be the part of one of the best academic institute in the world, one of the best college, one of the best department and team, the hard work is the only choice which can give me the satisfaction and real happiness, so a big thanks to the leadership and administration of my college and ZJU who are always supportive and working hard and following the motto of long standing commitment to seeking truth and pursuing innovation. I would keep putting my efforts to cultivate and guide foreign students in ZJU, in the light of my own wonderful and amazing learning experience in China and I strongly hope to help them adapting the learning and cultural environment and let them grow into talents, as I strongly believe I am made in, made by and made for Zhejiang University”.