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GU Zhen awarded the Felix Franks Biotechnology Medal


On January 15th, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) awarded the Felix Franks Biotechnology Medal to GU Zhen, Qiushi Chair Professor of Zhejiang University and Dean of College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, for his fundamental and technological innovations in the drug delivery field for the treatment of diabetes and cancers. The award ceremony was held at Zhejiang University. Authorized by the RSC Felix Franks Biotechnology Medal Committee, Prof. ZHOU Tianhua, Zhejiang University Vice President, granted the award to GU Zhen. 

Prof. Stephen Harding, Chairman of the RSC Felix Franks Biotechnology Medal Committee and a professor from the University of Nottingham, and the Franks family attended the ceremony online.

The RSC Felix Franks Medal was established in 2019. It was named after Prof. Felix Franks (1926-2016), a highly distinguished former Chair of the Biotechnology Group at the University of Cambridge, to commemorate his significant contributions in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, including the applications of freeze-drying technology in the preservation and delivery of vaccines, insulin and other biomacromolecular drugs. The award aims to encourage and recognize excellence in scientists in the application of chemical sciences to the study of any aspect of biotechnology. Each year, the committee selects an award winner from academic or industrial fields worldwide. GU Zhen is the first winner of the award since its establishment. 

“We’re tremendously proud of GU Zhen and his many accomplishments, including this honor,” said ZHOU Tianhua. “The emergence of coronavirus has underscored the absolute necessity of interdisciplinary research and international cooperation. We appreciate this award, which encourages scientists across the world to apply chemical sciences for exploiting biotechnologies.” 

“It is my great honor to receive the Felix Franks Biotechnology Medal,” said GU Zhen. “Our innovations are built on others’ contributions, of course, including Prof. Felix Franks’ significant discovery and inventions. The award will inspire me to bring more biotechnology innovations to the reality.” After the ceremony, GU Zhen also gave an academic talk entitled “Leverage Physiology for Bioresponsive Drug Delivery”.