Congratulations graduates

2021-03-31 Global Communications

On March 30, the convocation ceremony was held for the Spring 2021 degree candidates on Yuquan Campus.

In the congratulatory remarks, President WU Zhaohui said, “In today’s world, the 4th Industrial Revolution and the 2nd Machine Revolution are highly integrated, acting as a catalyst for changes in economic growth, civilization evolution, and scientific and educational development. Innovation-driven development cannot be achieved without the leadership of youth.”

He inspired graduates to gain pearls of innovation wisdom by studying history and observing reality, optimize innovation paths by keeping their feet on the ground and their eyes on the stars, and expand innovation patterns in an open, cooperative and self-reliant manner.

“I hope that in the course of personal growth and national development, you will lead top-notch innovation and promote high-quality development, thus contributing your youthful vitality to building a great country,” President Wu added.

Prof. CHEN Wei from the College of Computer Science and Technology delivered a speech on behalf of the supervisors. He expressed his sincere hope that graduates will maintain the trait of lifelong curiosity, develop a habit of lifelong learning, hone their extraordinary competence, and shoulder greater responsibility for the tackling of challenges to mankind.

“As a member of this community, I feel enormously proud,” HE Zuhua, a researcher at the CAS Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology in Shanghai, said in his speech on behalf of the alumni, “I hope that everyone will bear in mind the motto of Zhejiang University, cultivate a global vision and pursue your career persistently, thus making contributions to the development of science and technology in China.”

HUA Junjie, representing graduates, said in his speech: “Standing here, we can feel the power of faculty, staff, students and alumni in the ZJU community. We will adhere to the motto of ‘seeking truth, pursuing innovation’, commit ourselves to practical work, and contribute all we can to the development of our motherland.”