Zhejiang University celebrates graduation 2021

2021-07-01 Global Communications

Zhejiang University held the commencement ceremonies for advanced degree graduates and the Senior Class of 2021 respectively on June 29 and 30. The two-day celebration featured the addresses by President WU Zhaohui and the representatives of supervisors, alumni, and the graduating cohort.

President WU extended his hearty congratulations and best wishes to the graduating class. Highlighting service to society, he expected them to commit to lifelong learning, innovative practice as well as openness and cooperation. “I hope that you will interweave your pursuit of excellence and innovation with the dynamics of a fast-growing country,” he said. “Cherish every moment in this great era and make more contributions for the betterment of society.”

Prof. KE (left) and Prof. ZHU (right)

On behalf of faculty and staff, Prof. KE Yinglin from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Prof. ZHU Yongqun from the Life Sciences Institute addressed the graduates, inspiring them to aim high in a confident manner and forge ahead in an innovative way while pursuing their new life goals. “The courage to challenge core problems is the engine of innovation and development,” said Prof. KE.

Mr. ZHAO (left) and Prof. HU (right)

Two representatives of ZJU Alumni, Mr. ZHAO Yanping, CEO of CHC Navigation, and Prof. HU Peisong, director of China National Rice Research Institute, shared how the university motto – the spirit of seeking truth had guided them to strive for more successes in the career. “While making our own achievement, we should also help others succeed,” advised Mr. ZHAO.  

SHI (left) and Dongzhu (right)

SHI Hao, PhD21, and Dongzhu Sangmao, BA21, gave this year’s student speeches. Both thanked ZJU for cultivating them and offering enormous opportunities to realize their dreams. “As ZJUers, we will integrate our ideals into the cause of the Chinese nation, seek truth and explore China’s solutions to achieving common prosperity,” said SHI Hao.

Over 10,000 graduates will set sail from “Qiushi Garden” to embark on their brand-new journey. Congratulations! Zhejiang University is not only a new starting point but also a harbor to which you will have an enduring attachment.