Dialogue@ZJU: Congratulations! Class of 2021

2021-07-02 Global Communications

[Messages from the editor: With speeches, songs and smiles, and graduation parties, the ZJU community celebrated the Class of 2021’s farewell to the “Qiushi Garden”. Congratulations the Class of 2021 graduates! While the past year has been full of challenges, you have proven that hard work, dedication and resilience can get you to your goal. As you embark on a new journey, remember your connection to ZJU is for a lifetime. In the interview, the graduates shared their fondest memories and future plans, and their teachers sent their best wishes for new beginnings and continued success.] 

“The first word I’d like to use to describe my study at ZJU would be dedicated. I participated in a lot of activities. And I think the whole thing is very productive. And finally, I think the time I spent in the university is very joyful.”

——TU Shaoxuan, China

“I learned a lot how to do research during my PhD study. I’ve already planned to start a postdoc at Zhejiang University next month. It’s a very good university ranked 45th in the world, where you can polish your inner skills and learn a lot of new stuff.”

——Muhammad Usman Khurram, Pakistan

“My fondest memory was probably the 2020 New Year Celebration gala on Zijinggang Campus. It was an amazing concert. There was a big fire that kept us warm. It was also the last time that I spent with all my classmates because a lot of them went back to their own countries. Now, there's basically no way to meet before the graduation.”

——Ana Zupan, Slovenia


“I'm not ready to part with the school and the campuses. I feel like I didn't have enough time to explore all of them. Zijingang is so beautiful, and so are Yuquan and Zhoushan. I just want to go everywhere. But there's not enough time.”

“I would say be yourself, stay strong and don't look at how others are doing. Don't compare yourself to anybody because everybody's journey is different. So just focus and do your best.”

——Tariro Manyumwa, Zimbabwe

“I think you should take a step back and think a little bit about what you yourself would define a success. Don't listen to other people, but think about it yourself. What do you actually want to achieve? Not just with work, but with life. This is a very important thing. So that's part of my advice.”

“Congratulations! A fantastic job. And I and the rest of the faculty at Zhejiang University are very proud of you. Best lucky life.”

——Dr. Erik Forsberg

  Associate Professor, College of Optical Science and Engineering

“As you graduate, you'll be making greater contributions and taking more responsibilities. But first of all, I'd like you to live and enjoy a new life, make yourself happy and make your family happy. And then you will start to think about what you really can do to help create a better life, not just for yourself or for your family, but for your own countrymen and the whole world.”

——Dr. ZHENG Rui

Lecturer, School of International Studies

Graduates shared their fondest memories at ZJU. 

Dr. Erik Forsberg sent his best wishes to his graduating students.

Dr. ZHENG Rui sent his hearty congratulations to his graduating students.