Compact hyperbolic Coxeter 4-polytopes with 8-facets

Date: 2021-07-08 15:07:46
Time: 15:00-16:00
Venue: Yuquan Campus
Speaker: MA Jiming
Category: Talk & Lecture

Introduction: IASM visitors plan to organize an irregular seminar from June 20 to July 20. We will arrange about eight 1.5-hour introductory talks, on recent topics in hyperbolic geometry (and low-dimensional topology). The purpose of this seminar is to enhance communication and learn advances in the area. 

Venue: Lecture Hall, Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, No.7 teaching building, Yuquan Campus

Speaker: MA Jiming, Associate Professor, Fudan University


Unlike the spherical and parabolic cases, complete classification regarding hyperbolic Coxeter polytopes of finite volume is far from being obtained. Poincare and Andreev addressed this problems in dimensions 2 and 3, respectively. In dimensions larger than or equal to four, complete classifications of Coxeter polytopes are achieved scatteredly only in the cases of simplexes, n-polytopes of finite volume with n+2 facets and bounded n-polytope with n+3 facets, etc. We obtain the complete classification for compact hyperbolic Coxeter 4-polytopes with 8 facets. This is joint work with Fangting Zheng.

More info: http://www.iasm.zju.edu.cn/iasm/2021/0622/c58777a2397709/page.htm