• Evaluating the Effects of a Massive Rural Education Expansion in Pre-reform China
    Date: 2023-03-31 10:00:00
    Time: 10:00-11:30 (Beijing)
    Venue: Conference Room 618, School of Economics
    Speaker: CHEN Yi
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    陈祎,上海科技大学创业与管理学院副教授。主要研究领域为劳动经济学、人口经济学、发展经济学,在人力资本、计划生育、性别差异等问题上有系统性的研究。其研究成果见于American Economic Review, Journal of Development Economics, International Economic Review等国际知名期刊。现担任Joural of Population Economics副主编。

  • Afternoon Tea with the Deans Ⅸ: Professional Cultivation and Competitiveness
    Date: 2023-04-02 17:30:00
    Time: 5:30 pm.
    Venue: Reading Room, RC No.1 International Campus, ZJU
    Speaker: Zide DU
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Professor Zide DU, a Principal Consultant and the Dean of Daoyang Residential College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. He is also the chairman of National Olympiad in Informatics. DU engaged in computer research and development and worked as a researcher at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Later he has been the secretary-general at China Computer Federation (CCF) for 17 years.

  • Defend Sensitivity: Closure and the Red Barn
    Date: 2023-03-23 14:30:37
    Time: 4:10 PM
    Venue: 311, Building 4, Chengjun Yuan
    Speaker: Huiming REN
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Speaker:Huiming REN, Shandong UniversityVenue:311, Building 4, Chengjun YuanAbstract:I first argue that one does not therefore know by closure that φV~e, where φ isa logical consequence of p, if one comes to know that p on the basis of e. As aconsequence, it is not wrong for Nozick to deny that if I know that I have hands, then I know that I am not a BIV, even though he and Dretske fail to provide an independent reason for doing so. I then argue that in the famous red-barn thought experiment, my

  • How does IPwe Commercialize Patents Globally?
    Date: 2023-03-10 10:00:00
    Time: 10:00 am, March. 10, 2023
    Venue: North Classroom Building A
    Speaker: Henry WANG
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Henry Zhitao Wang is president of China Operations at IPwe. Previously, Henry was CEO of Global IP Strategies. Prior to that, he was vice president of Dextrys, Inc., a leading IT solution provider headquartered in Boston, USA.

  • My Life Story--Nature and Nurture
    Date: 2023-03-10 16:00:00
    Time: 4:00 pm, March. 10, 2023
    Venue: Multifunctional Hall RC No.1
    Speaker: Lap-Chee TSUI
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Lap-Chee TSUI, geneticist and educator, foreign member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of the Royal Society of Canada, the Royal Society of London, international member of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), the founding president of Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, the 14th president of the University of Hong Kong, and the Master of the Residential College, International Campus of Zhejiang University.

  • Afternoon Tea with the Deans: Your professional Development
    Date: 2023-02-28 16:00:00
    Time: 16:00
    Venue: International Campus
    Speaker: Prof. Philip T. Krein
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Speaker: Prof. Philip T. KreinVenue: Reading Room, RC No.2, Residential Collage of International CampusAbstract:What will you do in the future?Join us in the Afternoon tea with Founding Executive Dean of ZJUI,Philip T. Krein.You will get the answers of these questions!

  • Information Session for ZJE Biomedical Sciences Programs
    Date: 2023-02-21 19:00:00
    Time: 19:00 (Beijing)
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: Dr. Paul Le Tissier, Dr. Mikael Bjorklund
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Please scan the QR Code above to attend the session

  • Alternative Data and Credit Assessment
    Date: 2023-02-17 10:00:00
    Time: 10:00-11:00am
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: Sidharth Kamani
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    How alternative data is leveraged by Big Techs to support financial inclusion. Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in credit scoring models to extendcredit to the unbanked population.

  • Cultural & Future Exchange, Opportunities for Future Collaboration
    Date: 2023-02-15 12:00:00
    Time: 12:00-13:00
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: Prof. Brian P. Schmidt
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Share views on future opportunities between Chinese and Western universities, discuss about the cultural exchange, future potential and opportunities for collaboration.

  • Mission-oriented Policies for Sustainability and Inclusion
    Date: 2023-02-08 19:00:00
    Time: 19:00-20:30
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: Mariana Mazzucato
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    In this webinar, Prof. Mariana Mazzucato, Prof. Yutao SUN, and Prof. Can Huang, are going to share their opinions on the practices and studies of mission-oriented policies for sustainability and inclusion in Europe and China, and discuss how to make, employ and evaluate innovation policies for the grant challenges we are facing in 2023 and forward. Q&A is open to all audiences.

  • Information Session for ZIBS Master's Degree Programs
    Date: 2023-01-13 20:00:00
    Time: 20:00-21:00 (GMT+8, China Time)/12:00-13:00 (GMT+0, UK Time)
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: Professor WEN Wu
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    The information session for ZIBS master's degree programs will be held online hosted by Professor WEN Wu. An overall introduction to Zhejiang University, ZIBS master programs, and scholarship opportunities will be presented by our Admission Department.

  • Chemical biology aiming at identifying targetmolecules of bioactive compounds
    Date: 2022-12-15 18:00:00
    Time: 18:00
    Venue: Zijingang Campus
    Speaker: Hiroyuki Osada
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Speaker:Hiroyuki Osada Venue:Room 256 Pharmaceutical Building

  • On the Rankin--Selberg problem in arithmetic progressions
    Date: 2022-12-15 14:00:00
    Time: 14:00-15:00
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: LIN Yongxiao
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Let $(\lambda_f(n))_{n\geq 1}$ be the Fourier coefficients of a Hecke--Maass $f$ on $GL_2$. The classical Rankin--Selberg problem asks for a better error term in the asymptotic formula for $\sum_{n\leq X} \lambda_f(n)^2$, as $X\to \infty$.

  • Random Batch Ewald and Sum-of-Gaussians Methods for High-Scalable MD simulations
    Date: 2022-12-12 10:00:00
    Time: 12th Dec. 2022 10:00-13:00pm (Beijing)
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: XU Zhenli
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    The development of efficient methods for long-range systems plays important role in all-atom simulations of biomolecules and drug design. We present a random-batch Ewald (RBE) and a random-batch sum-of-Gaussians (SOG) methods for molecular dynamics simulations of particle systems with long-range Coulomb interactions.

  • Ricci curvature meets sub-Riemannian geometry
    Date: 2022-12-12 09:09:00
    Time: 12th Dec. 2022 9:00-10:00am (Beijing)
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: PAN Jiayin
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Pan-Wei's example of Ricci limit space is isometric to half of the Grushin plane, a classical example in sub-Riemannian geometry. Inspired by this connection, we construct the Grushin hemisphere as a Ricci limit space with curvature >=1.

  • TCB-splines and Their Applications
    Date: 2022-12-10 09:00:00
    Time: 10th Dec. 2022 9:00-9:45am (Beijing)
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: CAO Juan
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Recently, triangle configuration-based bivariate simplex splines (referred to as TCB-spline) have been introduced to the geometric computing community. TCB-splines retain many attractive theoretic properties of classical B-splines, such as the partition of unity, local support, polynomial reproduction, and automatic inbuilt high-order smoothness.

  • Functional data analysis with covariate-dependent mean and covariance structures
    Date: 2022-11-28 16:00:00
    Time: 16:00, Nov.28
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: LIN Huazhen
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Functional data analysis has emerged as a powerful tool in response to the ever increasing resources and efforts devoted to collecting information about response curves or anything varying over a continuum.

  • Heterogeneous Overreaction in Expectation Formation : Evidence and Theory
    Date: 2022-11-23 14:00:00
    Time: 14:00-16:00, Nov.23
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: PEI Guangyu
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Using firm-level earnings forecasts and managerial guidance data, we construct guidance surprises for analysts, i.e., differences between managerial guidance and analysts’ initial forecasts.

  • Explore Scientific Images
    Date: 2022-11-18 14:26:25
    Time: 15:30
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: Carol SONG
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    This lecture highlights using images to illustrate and organize research ideas, and using graphics to demonstrate key points in academic research, and will introduce related softwares (Corel and Autodesk).

  • The Achievements of Yale School of Architecture's China Studio: Exploration of urban design development in China
    Date: 2022-11-15 09:00:00
    Time: Nov 15, 2022 9:00am(China) Nov 14,2022 8:00pm (US)
    Venue: Online
    Speaker: Alan Plattus​
    Category: Talk & Lecture

    Organized by the Zhejiang University , this seminar invites Alan Plattus, professor of Yale School of Architecture, to introduce the Advanced Studio at Yale as a teaching and research methodology, as well as share the past achievements and experiences of Yale School of Architecture's China studio.