ZJU and UOE enhance partnership

2022-01-24 Global Communications

Zhejiang University and the University of Edinburgh have renewed the memorandum of understanding to update major collaborations and develop future partnership.

On January 21, ZJU President WU Zhaohui and UOE Principal and Vice-Chancellor Peter Mathieson signed a memorandum of understanding as a latest step to identify new areas of collaboration and deepen future engagement in education and research.

Prof. Wu highly appreciated concerted efforts towards the ZJU-UoE Institute (ZJE). “As the flagship of our partnership and a model of transnational education, the joint institute has become a high-level hub for undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as research and innovation,” said Prof. Wu, with the commitment to openness and cooperation.


“I’m very optimistic that we will be able to build on a platform that has already been formed, and take the partnership to even greater heights,” said Prof. Mathieson, hoping to align strategies with ZJU and achieve sustainable development goals.

Other keynote speakers included Prof. LU Linrong, acting dean of ZJE, Prof. Sue Welburn, executive dean of ZJE, Prof. Zhou Ruhong, dean of ZJU’s College of Life Sciences, Prof. David Gray, head of UOE’s School of Biological Sciences, who respectively shared the latest development in cooperative research and education. Also, Prof. HE Lianzhen, ZJU’s vice president, Prof. OUYANG Hongwei, dean of ZJU’s International campus, Prof. James Smith, UOE’s vice principal, and Prof. Mike Shipston, dean of Biomedical Sciences, all contributed their perspicacious insight to the discussion of next-stage collaborations.

Establishing the university-wide partnership in November 2011, ZJU and EOU started the cooperation from the Double-degree Program for Undergraduates, and then led outreach interaction in building platforms like ZJE and Joint Research Centre for Engineering Biology, demonstrating to promote collaboration and further amplify the impact of partnership.


Source: Office of Global Engagement, Zhejiang University

Translator: ZHANG Jinmei

Editor: TIAN Minjie