Vice President HE Lianzhen: higher education community can play a key role in addressing global challenges

2022-03-31 Global Communications

“The higher education community can play a key role in addressing global challenges and advancing the process of sustainable development,” Vice President HE Lianzhen told the webinar, which was held by the International Association of Universities (IAU) and Higher Education Teaching & Learning Association (HETL) on March 29.

Prof. He shared ZJU’s sustainability action plan (Z4G) and her insights into the role of higher education leadership in building a more sustainable community.

University leadership shall take the responsibility to design and manage the roadmap toward a sustainable campus. By “setting up task-oriented working groups with 20 administrative units and 40 colleges across the university to facilitate strong collaboration,” all ZJUers “are making concerted effort to drive changes on the ground”.

Faculty and students on campus are the key to achieving the shared goal. The University “embeds ‘sustainability competence’ throughout its curricula and activities” and also “encourages multidisciplinary research” to address grand challenges with innovative solutions. Green campus operations including “saving water and reducing carbon emissions” are well managed, she explained. 

Collaboration is highlighted at the end. “When implementing the ‘Z4G’ Action Plan, we do it together with our partners, learn from each other and make mutual progress.” said Prof. He. 

This meaningful panel discussion with leadership and experts of universities and organizations from different countries and regions attracted around 200 participants globally to join.


Writer: QUAN Jiayi

Editor: TIAN Minjie