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Hold fast to dreams, ZJU's Class of 2022!


Zhejiang University held the commencement and degree conferral ceremony for the Class of 2022 on the morning of June 25. More than 6,000 undergraduates successfully completed their studies and will embark on their next brilliant journey to different destinations all over the world.

On behalf of the University, President WU Zhaohui extended his hearty congratulations and best wishes to the graduates and delivered an address entitled “Sail in the Galaxy of Shared Destiny”. “Looking back, you have experienced a new blended learning pattern in the domain of education; At present, you have laid a solid foundation for your future career; Looking ahead, you will pursue excellence in your new role. In the common journey of the starry sea, you will definitely become the ‘trend-setters’ that stick together through thick and thin rather than the ‘brave’ who sail alone,” said President Wu.

He also expressed his hope that the graduates would have their fingers on the pulse of the times, develop a global vision, and integrate their personal ego into the broader picture of the country, the nation and humanity, thus contributing to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the sustainable development of mankind.

Prof. YAO Yufeng from the School of Medicine spoke on behalf of faculty. He urged the graduates to promote the well-being of society, and have determination and perseverance to meet challenges and overcome difficulties. “Everyone should seize the opportunity to live your wonderful life with intelligence and diligence and do something that ZJU and the society are proud of,” said YAO.

“At ZJU, not only did I acquire knowledge, but I also reaped a life-long spiritual asset—the motto of seeking truth and pursuing innovation,” said XU Yigang, an alumnus representative and director of the CAS Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, “You’re well-advised to bear in mind your responsibility for society, develop the habit of thinking diligently and learning constantly, treat others sincerely, and internalize and implement the ZJU spirit.”

WU Yike from the College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering spoke on behalf of the graduates. “In my quest for knowledge in Qiushi Garden, I kept seeking for my own exclusive answers to the two questions raised by CHU Kochen,” said WU, “Truth is like a tree rooted in soil, while innovation is like a branch extending to the sky, indicating eternal growth and unceasing dedication.”

A new batch of ZJUers will commit themselves to the grand journey of national rejuvenation. With their historical mission and firm belief, they will be bound to serve the society with practical actions, live up to their youth and embrace the splendid stars belonging to the ZJU community.