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ZJU holds Summer Postgraduate Graduation 2022


Zhejiang University held its Summer Postgraduate Graduation 2022 on Zijingang Campus on the morning of June 26. More than 5,000 postgraduates will set sail for their new destinations from Qiushi Garden.

On behalf of the University, President WU Zhaohui sent his heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the graduates. “In the new era featured by the changes unseen in a century and the national rejuvenation strategy, innovation has become increasingly essential to winning the future. In the future, innovation will become comprehensive in the quaternionic space, well-organized under the guidance of national strategies, autonomous in global game theory, and open under the common destiny of mankind. Driven by the mission to serve uniquely Chinese modernization, you should feel obligated to become the engine of innovation and development,” said President Wu.

WU also urged the graduates to become the “pioneers” who strive to be in the forefront, the “chasers” who bear in mind China’s most fundamental interests, and the “climbers” who promote human progress.

Prof. TANG Ruikang from the Department of Chemistry spoke on behalf of supervisors. He shared with the graduates his pursuit of scientific research. “You are in the best of times, because you are on board the high-speed train of China. You should set higher goals, have broader visions, sharpen your faculty of discovering, analyzing and solving problems, and put in persistent efforts to make brilliant achievements in life,” said Prof. Tang. 

“Truthfulness and pragmatism should be our code of conduct, and only with a pioneering and innovative spirit can we get the hang of frontier science and core technology,” said YAO Xianping, an alumnus representative and director of Hangzhou Research Institute of Chemical Technology, “The key to innovation and entrepreneurship lies in perseverance, the key to starting a career lies in planning, and the key to going far lies in a clear vision and a broad mind.”

WEI Yi, a PhD graduate in Information and Communication Engineering, spoke on behalf of the graduates. In her speech, she told the story of writing a letter to her role model YE Peijian, fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and receiving a response, and shared her scientific training in the Intelligent Communication Network and Security Laboratory. “I will dedicate myself to the field of aviation and strive to live up to the expectations of my youth, alma mater and motherland,” said WEI.

The graduates will continue on their journey of pursuing their dreams. With the ardent expectations of their alma mater, they will make their efforts to realize their aspirations and make achievements in new fronts in the new era.