Three ZJU scientists selected into New Cornerstone Investigator Program

2023-01-15 Global Communications

The New Cornerstone Investigator Program, an independent non-profit funding initiative guided by scientists, funded by Tencent and supervised by the China Association for Science and Technology, unveiled its first batch of new cornerstone investigators on January 13. The Program adopts a forward-thinking approach to encouraging basic research spearheaded by leading scientists. Tencent pledges to provide 10 billion RMB in 10 years for a select few scientists. Those working in the program’s experimental category can receive up to 5 million yuan per year, while those in theoretical fields of study can receive a maximum of 3 million yuan annually.

Three Zhejiang University scientists, including Prof. SUN Binyong at the Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, Prof. TONG Limin at the College of Optical Science and Engineering, and Prof. HU Lailan at the School of Medicine, are on the honor roll. Let’s take a look at their cutting-edge research field.

SUN Binyong

Formal Lie groups are an important extension of Lie groups and Lie algebras. Prof. SUN Binyong will continue to formulate the concept, basic theory and representation of Lie groups as well as their upper homotopy theory in the hope of making a breakthrough in the study of the arithmetic properties of L-functions, the central object of research in the Langlands program.  


TONG Limin

What will happen when light is confined to a cramped space? To answer this question, Prof. TONG Limin will work to restrict a beam of light to the size of an atom and manipulate atomic molecules precisely in an extremely microscopic world, thus unraveling the mysteries of light per se.


HU Hailan

How does the brain regulate emotions and social behaviors? Prof. HU Hailan will engage in research on the mechanisms of emotions and social behaviors in the brain so as to expand the deep connections between brain science & brain medicine and psychology & sociology at molecular cellular and loop levels.