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2023: year in review


As we approach 2024, we invite you to join us in reflecting on the remarkable breakthroughs, innovations, and awards, as well as our ongoing collaborative efforts within the ZJU community throughout 2023. We eagerly anticipate continuing our joint endeavors in the coming year, united by our shared vision of shaping a better world.

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Impact of ageing on agricultural sustainability in China: ZJU scientists offer solutions

Scientists reveal the pathogenic mechanism of peripheral neuropathies

Zhejiang University wins “grand slam” at 18th Chinese Young Women in Science Awards

ZHAO Xuehong: the first nurse from ZJU to receive the Florence Nightingale Medal

The Primate Genome Project unlocks hidden secrets of primate evolution

Empowering global youth for a sustainable future: ZJU’s SDG Global Summer School unveiled

Reviving degraded colors: AI-powered restoration of traditional Chinese paintings

Increased antibiotic resistance linked to higher air pollution

SAHZU receives top government award for charity

Weird, hard, and elastic matter bounces into view

Innovative green methanol: Lighting the way for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou

How gut microbes manipulate the immune system to trigger fat absorption

Making a powerful new building block for solar cells

Strengthening educational bonds: Zhejiang University's landmark visit to Brunei

International seminar fosters dialogues on low-carbon rural village development strategies

Zhejiang University hosts 3rd Sino-German Sustainable Development Forum in Berlin

The thorny problem of solving fertilizer pollution while also feeding the world

Researchers developed weekly long-acting smart insulin

ZJU scientists decipher the biased signaling mechanisms toward cannabinoid receptor 1