Undergraduate Research

ZJU constructs a four-tiered training system on scientific research, e.g. state, provincial, university and college/school level. Through this system, the students are exposed to scientific research and getting access to the frontiers in their disciplines at an early stage of college life. This system emphasizes on the awareness of innovation, scientific literacy and scientific research ability, aiming to promote students' independent thinking and spirit of cooperation.

WEI Ziyuan

4000+ Undergraduates involved in 1,400+ SRTP Projects (2017)
190+ Projects supported by Xinmiao Talents Program (2017)
110+ Projects supported by national innovation experiment program for college students (2017)
ZJU has initiated Student Research Training Program (SRTP) at both university and college/school level.
ZJU has participated in Xinmiao Talents Program of Zhejiang Province to promote science and technology innovation activities among students, including technological innovation projects, projects to promote scientific and technological achievements and innovation incubating projects.
ZJU has organized college students' scientific and collaborative project with specific support from other research institutes or social enterprises. This project also is carried out at the national, provincial and university level.
LUO is doing the experiment
Micro-nano fabrication of a novel Mg-based hydrogen storage material and its properties
LUO Bosang, a Junior in the School of Materials Science and Engineering

With hydrogen storage holding a great promise in reducing oil dependence and zero pollution, solid-state hydrogen storage in complex metal hydrides, such as Magnesium hydride (MgH2) is potentially an ideal solution to the needs of compact onboard storage systems, enabling efficient and convenient handling and distribution of hydrogen. LUO is attracted by the SRTP project proposed by XIAO Xuezhang, associate professor in School of Materials Science and Engineering and works on improving the hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reaction kinetics of MgH2. His work has led to a recent publication on Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

SHAO (Middle) and her team in front of their booth
Adjustment on the distribution of Rural Elementary Schools: the Balance Between Efficiency and Fairness—A field Investigation of Four Counties in Anhui Province
SHAO Jiner, a Senior in the School of Economics

With increased level of urbanization of rural China, closure and consolidation of elementary schools in these areas are common phenomenon, however the implementation process is a great challenge for local government. The team lead by SHAO Jiner took on this task in a SRTP project proposed by Professor HUANG Xianhai and designed a series of standards for closure and consolidation in combination with features of local elementary education using a great number of examples and objective evalution, which provides specification and promote the balanced development of basic education.